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  1. This is my first year growing and my plants are in my vegetable garden. I've recently had pest eating my plants and was wondering what everyone thinks. I grow in southern Oregon...any help would be appreciated and I've treated them recently with the product in the picture. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1435544557.785800.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1435544576.844979.jpg
  2. almost looks like caterpillar or something of that nature. definitely not thrips or leafminers
  3. I haven't seen any caterpillars but doesn't mean they aren't there. How about the yellow ladybugs? Do they eat plants
  4. this damage is from most likely something very similar to our cucmber beetles in northern California I don't really defend against them cause I barely ever see much damage one just rolls thru every once in awhile but I guess if I was gonna spray for them id choose the hot cayenne spray..
  5. Thanks Zombie yeah I have a ton of those beetles in my garden. Especially on my potatoes which happen to be right next to my plants. I'm growing some cayennes so maybe I'll turn them into a spray and see if it works.
  6. predatory wasps or other insects is better than sprays, but it takes a while to attract all these good bugs to your garden. you must support good life and find out how to attract these certain bugs. Lacewings, Dragonflys, Praying Mantis..

    dont spray them with anything crazy, these are in veg right? I would do something like Zombie said and do hot peppers or even essential oils.

    get some Lacto serum made and start doing foliars with it, they fuckin love it. not sayig it will take care of your problem but it helps the plant to stay in tip top shape

  7. and that's a good point healthy happy plants defenses go way up.. I do a weekly foliar with a mix of em1 and microbe life photosynthesis plus somewhere I read keeping ur foliage covered in effective micro organisms it leaves no room for bad pathogens to enter thru foliage.. but I also recommend neem at the very least and ive been interested in the other oils especially rosemary its systemic get inside foliage makes it bitter to leaf eaters.. learn what beneficials you have and don't spray things that affect them.. my woman tried to hang wasp traps I was like oh hell no..
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    Yup thats true! You should try out some kombucha foliars too, I actually took care of PM on a haggard plant I had with kombucha and now its doing better than ever. cheers man

    Hey you still growing any Boneyard stuff?

  9. of course this year im running his BST and milk n cookies..
  10. Good to hear man his gear looks top notch [​IMG]
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    I'm in So Cal and our worst threat is caterpillars AKA budworms.. A bug zapper and weekly spraying of BT will get you a clean crop.. Without it they just pretty much destroy it all either directly eating the stems killing the buds or the mold that happens everyplace they shit.. Second up here is Powdery Mildew and the weekly sprays of Green Cure keeps that in hand.. Everything is listed OMRI organic listed up to day of harvest and has no real staying power and that's why it needs regular applications..
    Thuricide, Cure, Neem are my 3 weekly controls with Spinosad in reserve for outbreaks the local predators don't handle.. I use spinosad as little as possible as it's very toxic to bees..
    If your growing outside your going to need an IPM ( integrated pest management ) routine.. This one is mine..
    BT bacillus thuringiensis.. Caterpillar control.. sold under several names
    Safer =
    Bonide = http://www.territori...CFQaBfgodk0UAug
    Garden Safe = http://www.gardensaf...2845931900.ashx
    Monterey = http://www.domyownpe...-bt-p-2821.html?
    Green Light =
    Green Cure.. For Powdery Mildew control.. https://www.1000bulb...earchButton.y=0
    Neem oil.. For spider mites, thrip, helps with the caterpillars too but don't use once you start to flower..
    Spinosad as my change up hitter.. So things don't get resistant.. https://www.1000bulb...SUN-704606.html?
    Captian Jacks = http://www.hydrogala...CFQphfgodNUsADw
    BT-I as mosquito dunks and bits for Fungal Gnats... [​IMG]

    To avoid the sprayer contamination issue I had last year I simply bought 4 sprayers
    Most all of this can be found at Home Depot or Lowes except the Green Cure.. Hydro shop for that..
    Buy a new sprayer and rinse really well between solutions or buy multiple sprayers like I did..
    I do my treatments like any good farmer.. up well before dawn
    Spray BT on Monday..
    Green Cure on Tuesday
    Neem on Wednesday.. Only in veg
    Spinosad Thursday at need
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