Pest damage or calcium def perhaps

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  1. Hey now... Ladies just started flowering. I'm outdoors... I've got a few things going on. I haven't had any issues til this past week (aside from
    Gophers.. Grrrr)

    Been spraying for what I thought were aphids...
    I am finding these brown bugs on top of leaves (pictured). When I flick the brown bug off they seem to 'click'. I'm guessing their jaws are in my leaves!
    And now I'm seeing these white spots. They look like bleach spots. Some are like pin hole size and some
    Larger. (Larger spot pictured.) The white spots turn rust colored, I believe. I'm thinking leaf damage? The aphids?
    I do not see ANY sign of mites or thrips. I use a 100x scope and check bottoms of leaves thoroughly.

    Additionally, I found these different spots on the the tip of bottom fan leaves. I'm guessing this is the cal deficiency. (Also pictures).

    I have also seen pincher bugs, lady bugs (yay?) and a yellow beetle with black spots... Oh and now and a little alligator looking thing. Lol!

    All sortsa issues all of a sudden. Plants otherwise looking beautiful and healthy!

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  2. Ughhh. Sorry for typos.
  3. those are leafhoppers, probably the most difficult pests because of how they feed- with piercing, rather than sucking mouthparts. the damage at the leaf tips looks like caterpillar damage. Spinosad will take care of the caterpillars, but the leafhoppers will prove difficult. spinosad will kill leafhopper nymphs, but adults are tougher and have thicker shells. you'll just have to blast em with it every day. fortunately, spinosad can be used up to harvest.
  4. actually i take that back, the damage is leafhopper damage. note how the spots are always on a vein-that's how they feed, by sucking the sap from veins
  5. Yup.... Damn.
    On a positive note my spray mix tonight was already planned as spinosad and BT with Humic acids and a couple drops of doc bronners peppermint soap.
    And the little black alligator thing I Saw was a thrip. I'm not used to seeing them in that stage. Spinosad should also help. And then I will try nuke em in 4 days then spinosad again and just stay on it.
    I've seen quite a few. On multiple plants.
    Had looked up leafhoppers but they didn't look like anything I'd researched. I now see there are MANY different kinds.

    Ok! Thank you!
    Off to spray..............

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