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  1. Any good pesticide that will not harm my plant,that is cheap?Also I see little ants in my garden,are they ok?
  2. Nah bro, ants farm aphids, which eat plants. Best stuff I've used so far is called NEEM oil, you can get it any hardware store/Agway/Walmart.
  3. Oh.Thanks for all the help you been giving me.Also is there a way to make my plants as short and fat as possible or only genes make that happen?
  4. Well Indica dominant strains will do that naturally but you can use CFL's indoors, or go to the stickied threads up on the top of the growing page and read up on LST.
  5. if you got tiny bugs on the underside of your leafs, try mighty wash..
  6. short fat plants.. yup gotta be indicas plus you might look into supercropping.. its scary but it does make short plants stay short and spread wide..
  7. Ant stakes..
    Neem oil is your first line of defense in veg..
    Spinosad is your second.. (captain jacks dead bug brew) for example
    BT for the moth larva-bud worms-caterpillars
    Green Cure for the Powdery Mildew..
  8. Einstein oil, works wonders and if used correctly even seemed to make my plants happiest I've ever seen. Be careful about spraying under the sun or directly under your lights the droplets will magnify and burn your plant(s), I mix a teaspoon with 32oz water and 3-5 drops of dawn dish soap. Tried azamax and it turned parts of my plants black but they did recover. Hope this helps!

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