pest control. what do i do???

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sourdeze420, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. As of now im growing in my closet and am getting tiny bugs. Im thinking there thrips or mites. Im going to get pesticide to do away with them. But im curious about the best way to keep bugs out in the first place??
  2. The spray for mites can cause a lot of shock on your plants, my mates diluted the shit out a solution and it still caused a lot of damage. I would suggest trying to use ladybugs as they are natural predators to these pests.

    edit: It's difficult to keep pests out as the habitat for them is ideal, what does your setup look like?
  3. Get some Hot shot no-pest strips...they have em at home depot or great for mites...kills em all from my experience
  4. seconding the hot shot no pest strip. I had tiny bugs... now I don't. Plant didn't seem to notice it was there. Make sure you take it out once you start getting flowers/a week after the bugs leave tho, has some nasty chemicals you don't wanna be smoking.
  5. Right now is just in my closet, along with my clothes and etc. But im building a 15x15 room in a basement. with plywood or drywall. And will have fans and etc. Thats where im wondering how im going to keep the mites and pests out? They just grow on the plant?

    Do i just put the strips on the plant?

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