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  1. OK. Sometimes a (hu)man is just **** out of luck.
    Little critters have found your crops and are consuming it and breeding like mad.

    Ofcourse pesticides are out of the question.
    (Yeah, even if you decide to sell your harvest to somebody else you evil-do-er you!)

    So what do you do?
    I don't know! I'm not you!

    I have been lucky enough not to have my crops found by little critters, but my house plants sometimes are being chewed/sucked on.

    So what do I do?

    I arrange for a few enemies. Pests and all are prey.
    Prey for bigger insects. Like lady bugs or my favorite : spiders!

    Put some mean looking 8 legged friends on there and watch the pests run for their lives! I have 'cleaned' one of my house plants like this and I'm sure it would work for MJ as well. 1 spider did the job in less the 24 hours chasing away whole hordes of little mites.

    (I'm not certain if the mites actually flee or simply get eaten.)

    So I ask you all :

    Did any of you :smoking:stoners:hippie: come up with the same idea as me and 'recruit' Sgt. S.Pidey to the job for you? Or is there anything else alive that would kill pests more effectively and practically?
  2. I routinely use spiders, lady bugs, predator mites, and praying mantis to do my dirty work.
  3. My question is, where can I go to hire a spider to do my dirty work and how much do they charge per hour? I mean, I would have to do a background check on the spider to make sure she has a green card because I don't want to go to jail for hiring an illegal alien.
  4. I was actually just going to post a new thread but I believe yours answered it for me. So I guess spiders are GOOD neighbor for an mj plant to have? I recently began my second grow and I moved from my closet on the third floor to the basement. There were alot of reasons to move (i.e cooler temps, better humidity, more room, etc..) however I have noticed spiders/spider webs in my area.. I am afraid they will eat my plant when it looks delicious enough. am I thinking wrong here??
  5. I use SAFER Insecticidal Soap... Says its safe up to the day of harvest.
  6. yes, that's true. I just had to let go three of my best spiders because I discovered they were brought into the country by stowing away in boxes of Mexican produce. Too bad, they were hard workers. I also had a few not show up for duty on May 1, so I fired them.

    The spiders from Eastern Europe are just "ok". They work some of time, but it seems like they are more interested in performing sexual acts on the other spiders for money.

    The good henchmen to have are the mantis. I like to place them in management positions because they don't fuck around. The other day, one of the male mantis workers was flirting on the job and the female mantis supervisor ripped off his head!
  7. Aliens/spiders all over the place here. With green card and without. Thats OK. They come over to me to offer their services.

    Spiders without a green card usually require less per hour then those with a green card. So those without a green card are better in that way.

    If you get busted at home with a illegal alien/spider doing the work for you, you can allways call the alien/spider a burglar.

    If you are really worried about illegal spiders entering your country to do work for you, you simply send in the army!:D (Irony, O, Irony : only a little while ago, they'd send in the army to GET the slave-spiders in the country instead of out)
    (From this one may conclude that in the long run, the army really doesn't accomplish anything.
    It's best to just send them on a paid vacation and let the poor spiders be where they want to be!)

    Well....YES wrong thinking there! A spider is a predator. Predators eat meat or the likes. Small insect in this case. Remember, spider webs are used to traps prey that moves! Spiders and lady bugs eat the evil aliens that eat your plant.
  8. Sweet..thanks for clearing that up for me guys..
  9. you guys are fuckin wierd
  10. Ha
    You guys are funny.
  11. as far as a topical treatment goes, this is what I use:

    I fill up a small pot with water and dump in a bunch of cayenne pepper, minced garlic (fresher the better), onions, and a little cloves. I steep this brew for about an hour.

    I then pour it through a sieve, and then a coffee filter. Then I put it in a spray bottle and add a couple drops of IVORY soap.

    This takes care of just about anything.

    A buddy of mine soaks a cig. or two in that steeping water for the nicotine. I don't do this because I don't want to add any tobacco juice to my buds, but it probably doesn't hurt it.

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