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  1. I'm current in week one of my first outdoor grow and I'm becoming a little worried about my setup. I have four posts made from small trees hammered into the ground and plastic poultry fencing stapled to each post (making a square). The setup is perfect for keeping animals out, but the fencing might stand out if someone is close. I'm on private property and I know the area is pretty low-traffic and low-risk. I'm in a really thick brushy patch with an opening in the canopy for sunlight.

    What I would like to do (for peace of mind) is remove the fencing and use fishing line for deer and make some raccoon mats. However, I'm wondering if there are animals that would still be able to get in and eat my plants. Would I need to worry about rabbits or coyotes eating my young plants? If so, how can I keep them out without using actual fencing? I'm trying to stay somewhat guerrilla just for safety.
  2. Im sorry I dont know the page
    but I have some neat ideas
    somewhere near the beginning
    of the thread in my sig.

  3. I've been studying up on your ideas for pest, but I've mainly stuck to the insects. I saw that you advise the use of piss for deer and rabbits. As a hunter, I know that human piss (or any kind of piss) doesn't deter deer. If the time of year is right, human pee will actually attract a male and could possibly drive him to make a scrape, which is light scraping of dirt with feet. I can't say it wouldn't work on rabbits though. Any other ideas?

    Human shit might do the trick :)

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