Pesky Spider Mites

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  1. Well, today I used AVID on my plants to try to knock down the mites. I tried spraying with water which seemed to do nothing. Im in week four of flower, hopefully it doesn't mess with the final product. Do you think that one application of AVID will knock the spider mites down? I checked the bottoms of the leaves with my loupe and they seem to be mostly dead. A couple of the little buggers survived. How long should till i apply another application of AVID? thanks for the help guys.
  2. I'm sorry I don't have any input on the use of the product you mentioned... However, I recently discovered mites in my veg box and was told to purchase 'Hot Shot No Pest Strips" from Home Depot/Lowes.

    I put one of these in my box not more than 5 days ago and as of yesterday I see no more mites in my box. Keep in mind I didn't have a bad infestation and I took action at the first sign of problems.

    Good luck.
  3. Since I don't have any clue whats in that miticide I'll give you a thought. Maybe they escaped becuase of some physiological response, maybe they were really deep in the bud and came out later. So if AVID say's its ok to use more than once go ahead. However soapy water and alcohol is as good as any pesticide and it's sold in stores. Just a little alcohol and soap goes a long way.

    I did an experiment today in Lab and cockroaches died quickly (10 minutes) after interacting with soapy water with some alcohol. Followed by pesticides and Crest toothpaste.

    Don't use Crest on a plant it's toxic and produces hydrogen flouride which burns the leaves.
  4. from what i understand, the local hydro store isn't allowed to sell AVID. they sold me 1.5 ml in a syringe. They were reluctant to tell me the product name anyways. From what i read online, its cancerous, they gave me a respirator to wear and gloves while spraying. Then they told me to take a shower immediately. The infestation was pretty bad. There were webs in the leaves and buds.. Il keep everyone posted on what the results are.

  5. Wtf? I wouldn't of even used that product if they told me to take a shower straight away, and also finding out its cancerous... I wouldn't smoke that stuff if i was you, or anyone else. If anything its messed up yor crop.
  6. if used early enough in flower, i have read that its perfectly safe to use. Has anyone else heard such claims from AVID?
  7. I've had a terrible mite problem in the past.. Veg and Flower rooms were infested.. Tried EVERYTHING... The one sure thing that worked was bringing temps down below 75 degree's... Mites thrive in warm environments 80+...

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