Pesky insects

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by afrolicious, Jul 19, 2003.

  1. Howdy Howdy Growing Partners.
    I think I just made a big mistake.
    about a 1 1/2weeks ago i did my first transplant but today when i went to water them i figured i could probably top the soil up a bit i took the remainder of the soil from the bag which i frist transplanted them with and topped them up.Then i watered them and sat back satisfied with what a top job i had done when to my horror i saw hundreds of these little minute white almost seethrough insects that jump around.They were all hanging around the bottom of the pots near the drain holes on the side.I can only assume they have come from the new soil i put in.Cause there in my cuboard inside so it would be hard for them to come from anywhere els.
    HELP? what the hell are these insects and how do i combat them.
  2. what will get rid of them is get a 1 gallon jug and the some liguid soap. Put 4 drops of soap in the jug. Then fill the jug with water. After that fill a spray bottle with the mixtuer (the sopy water). Spray in the pot(s) which your plants r growing. get the soil damp (about 2 sprays to each section of dirt). Then just wait an if you see any more lilttle white bugs repeat.

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