Peruvian President Equates Drug Legalization with Barbarism and Euthanasia

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  1. Peruvian President Equates Drug Legalization with Barbarism and Euthanasia
    StoptheDrugWar / Stephen Scott / 10,5,2010

    Peruvian President Alan García said Monday he is absolutely opposed to drug legalization and warned that legalizing marijuana will take society down the path toward euthanizing the elderly. He vowed a constant fight "on all fronts" against drug use and the drug trade.

    Alan García

    Peru is now the world's leading producer of coca, from which cocaine is made. In recent weeks, García has angled for a larger share of US drug-fighting dollars. The stimulating herb has been used as an energy booster and hunger suppressor since time immemorial in the Andean region.

    García said Monday that his anti-drug efforts will focus on eradication and alternative crops, as well as interdiction and money-laundering. A reinvigorated eradication campaign has already led to renewed strife in the countryside, where tens of thousands of peasant families make a living from coca. Two weeks ago, hundreds of coca growers seized a hydroelectric plant in Ucayali province and blocked highways in the region to protest eradication efforts. Police later regained control of the plant, but the region remains restive.

    "The Peruvian government has a firm position: I am absolutely against the drug legalization," García said after opening the 20th meeting of the Heads of National Drug Law Enforcement Agencies (HONLEA) of Latin America and the Caribbean. Human beings "cannot kneel before their own powerlessness," he said.

    "I think this (drug legalization) is like opening the way for the degradation of human beings, because if we legalize marijuana as a soft drug then we will legalize cocaine as hard drugs, and finally we will also legalize the elimination of the elderly, as in the old societies, because they can no longer contribute to the production," he said.

    García added that his government's position is firm and will not change before he leaves office next July "even though those who raise the flag of the drug legalization are very intelligent and well-known and noisy." He said he will always oppose advocates of ending drug prohibition because "they represent, without knowing it, the backward step of the human being in his path to freedom, which is basically the way of his conscience, i.e. to use his skills without escapes through drugs."

    Not only will drug legalization lead to killing grandma, García said, it will lead mankind down a death spiral to "fascist barbarism" and genocide.

    García's sentiments put him out of step with a region that is increasingly amenable to ending the decades long war on drugs. Former heads of state from Columbia, Brazil, and Mexico have called for an end to the drug war, while Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico have depenalized simple drug possession.


    I wonder if he is skimming the monies from the ONDCP and UNDCP for fighting the drug war and does not want it to end or if he is receiving funds from the coca trade to oppose reform.
  2. The argument of rescheduling MJ being the same as making cocaine, heroin and meth legal is total BULLSHEET and anyone using said argument knows that.

    I would bet this politician gets a lot of support from the cocaine czars he covers up for...not to mention the corps supplying his country with LEO gear.
  3. How can someone this fucking stupid be elected as a leader? I thought we in the U.S. had some dumbass leaders....geez.
  4. "I wonder if he is skimming the monies from the ONDCP and UNDCP for fighting the drug war and does not want it to end or if he is receiving funds from the coca trade to oppose reform."

    I would say BOTH. Playing both sides to benefit his obese wallet.
  5. money wise it being illegal brings in way much more money then if it was legal its all bullshit man:mad::smoke:
  6. I laughed. Then I got sad when I realised he is the president of a country.
  7. cause everyone knows after you smoke a joint, suddenly you get the urge to murder the elderly.

    is that just me?:eek:

  8. What the fuck is he going on about? Sounds like a rambling maniac. Honestly. How did this guy get into power? I hope he wasn't voted in. That would mean the majority of Peru are fucking mindless zombies.
  9. This dude is WAYYY out in left field. He is creative though.

    We've all heard that legalizing MJ will lead to legalizing cocaine and such....but then we'll go on a killing spree and eradicate the elderly because they cannot work.

    Can anyone guess which drug he is on?
  10. He is on the US federal drug fighting funding drug,the easiest one there is to get addicted too.
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    Our economy probably wouldn't be as bad as it is if we actually kept some of the money in house.
  12. What do you reckon keeping 40 billion a year for smuggled marijuana would do for our economy.
    Stopping the flow of untaxed cash for pot would stimulate our economy more than any stimulus attempt the congress has done.

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