Peru shooting suspected drug traffickers

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by budburner, Apr 23, 2001.

  1. Here's the article at cnn about peru shooting innocent people because of SUSPECTED drug trafficcing!

    Sounds like they are adopting the same policy in Peru as in Laos. Except there you get shot just for being suspicious!

    It's really sad, and I'm sure these people will just be considered "casualties" of the war.

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  2. Well lets was an American crew taking orders from a
    Peruvian officer. Peruvian authorities were "tipped off" of the possible trafficers by the American CIA ,who after realizing their blunder tried to call off the dogs. (too little - too late)

    Yes I would agree it is still The U.S. sticking it's nose in foriegn governments' affairs in the interest of policing the world for their own personal gains ,nothing new. :(
  3. This is a shooting war after all, so there will be colateral damage.

    What pisses me off is that this kinda crap has been going on DECADES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Jenna Bush, the President's daughter for khrist sake is a stoner.

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