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  1. anyone ever explored different ones? i mean.. you can be sitting there, thinking you have your life all figured out. thinkin you want a partner, kids, steady job.. the whole nine. and then, when you look at that lifestyle from another perspective.. it could be the completely wrong answer for you. and, does it even matter? why would you want to live life as a plastic doll to be molded and manipulated as society sees fit? wouldnt spiritual peace and enlightenment be a far greater achievement? but then, what good is spirituality when none if it can be the proven right answer for you.. maybe you could pursue all the spiritual vices available to make you happy in life and it still isnt there... so you find yourself poor and trying to figure out life with drugs now, which are really just man's way to ease the pain our being goes through inevitably in this harsh world. there are so many ways to look at life, so many eyes to look through, so many shoes to wear, and endless ways to translate everything we go through. over the past year i've been looking at people in a new way, a way i have only acknowledged using in the most recent months. experiencing things as an outsider.. criticizing.. and i feel like im only on the brink of discovery even though i have learned so much already. i find myself most often torn between the influence and criticizm of two completely different consciences... sometimes more.... i feel the wisdom of my soul having its impact on my life, but i think i rely, as do countless other people, too much on my social sense of what should be, and what is right for me. to the teenagers who read this, i know you're already open to new thoughts and ideas, or you wouldnt have come into the philosophy section here.. so i really encourage you to explore what's right for you and be true to yourself. theres a reason for everything...always.. so im "officially" starting the thread of open minds... embrace the truth, no matter how harsh it can be. if u know what the hell im talkin about.. POST SOMETHIN
  2. Don't think too much, There's opportunes out there, not all the doors are open but you can unlock quite alot of them.
    Two child, mortage loan, two cars, etc. seems very scary to me, I can't think my self as being the perfect father or anything like that, I don't want to be buddist either, I don't know what I'm goin to be and for a large part I don't know what I want to be, but what I know for sure is that there isn't goin to be a better me anywhere, I'm the best me I can be. Maybe I'll die tomorrow? who knows, but if I die tomorrow it's tommorrow not now, i still havesome 18 hours left.....

  3. Chillz...I wonder, how old are you?!?!! I wonder this, and take my reply, from me, born on this earth 22 years according, to, LOL, nothing less than the few years I know!
    while, I laughed at the "whole nine" cause, honeslty, no ones whole nine adds up to my ten...(lol, ;) get that)
    as far as the plastic doll..thats only molded by those who see it. you see that? society? we are all the "dolls" if you will, we can only shape ourselves...society, it changes so rapidly, so RANDOMLY now anyway..
    what do you want to do? its the same I ask in myself and ask in others when I wonder..and as far as spritualment, I dont believe in religion, I wasnt raised that way, and now, as Ive grown, while I dont think there is a greater god, I do believe and feel that there is something within me. ive never believed that their is something greater out there, while at the same time, I would never dismiss that fact, but as far as being spiritual, I keep it within..

  4. i think youd enjoy dxm
  5. i totally forgot about this thread and what i wrote.. but im bringin it back to life here.. as for your reply, the only thing i really remember right now is you asking what i want and i gotta say thats really the problem... i dont know what i want, the only thing i know is that i want whats best for me and to make the most of my brief time on this planet.. but the only way to really know that is to look back on your life and say what you should have done.. but i dont want that because i have made enough mistakes already in a *very* short time period, and it kinda disturbs me how i can do so much wrong for myself unwittingly...

    and phil.. ive read up on that shit but where can i get it.. dxm i mean
  6. the only constant is change.....;)

    but some shit manages to stay the same:smoke:

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