Personel Best Strain And Why??

Discussion in 'General' started by HypedBlazer, May 10, 2016.

  1. Post your best strain and add a little storie ☆:love-mj2:
  2. Orange Kush, I didn't realize how good a strain it was until I decided to waterfall my sprite and I didn't even feel it go down, next thing I realized I couldn't feel my face and trying to stand up felt like goku under 100x gravity
  3. I like sour diesel. Ive always liked the high it gave me. I could rip the bong for days with that strain
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  4. I tend to like indica more than sativa and if I'm experiencing a hybrid. It either has to be 50/50 or indica dominant. Sativa dominants weird me out. Though I have a favorite strand of each. So let's go through them.
    Sativa- I'm going to go with Super Green Crack. it's parents being super silver haze and green crack. It provides a very tasty hit with a light smoke. It's a very comfortable high to be alone with it doesn't make me feel as if I have to do something but while I am house cleaning it makes it less of a chore. When in a social setting it allows me to relax and I can still keep up with drunks with a soda or water in my hand. (I don't drink).
    Indica- Jedi Kush. When I want down time or if I am going to watch a movie or do anything alone. Jedi Kush is perfect for that. Munchie factor for me is low too. Don't get me wrong love eating and cannabis enhances the flavor and textures of foods but when you're mindlessly eating all day or even worse all night that's just not good right? Excellent for long sessions of Ps4 or XB1.
    Now for the hybrid. Blue Diesel hands down. True 50/50 hybrid. Parents Blueberry Kush and Sour Diesel. Nice n mellow in the mellon hard n heavy in the body. Makes you want to go do something but not go do something too much. Find myself in a bookstore or in the library. Yup the library. I'm a reader.
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  5. I'll have to second BreakfastBurger on Sour Diesel. Love the smell, love the taste, love the high. If grown well it can be pretty potent. Sour D is my favorite all around. My favorite for smell/taste alone is hands down DJ Shorts Blueberry. Favorite for potency is probably God Bud.
  6. Right now, Blue Magoo is the shit. But I also loved Animal Cookies. I gotta say Blue Dream is the winner, though. I'd smoke that 100 % of the time with no complaints.

    I did smoke something called Monolith recently, and that is some serious weed. It's such a heavy indica, but if you want to focus, you still can. I love that, but I can't smoke it all the time.

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