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  1. Alright guys i've been doing some reading up on LED and i'm finding i'm a little confused maybe you LED experts out there can help me out i gots a couple questions. I'm sorry im so noobish been looking around for this info but belive it or not i'm actually having a pretty hard time. Thanks in advance

    1. I notice LED's have both blue and red spectrum I understand The Blue spectrum is for veg and red is for bloom. The solar storm has a separate setting for veg and bloom but most don't seem to list it as a feature. If its not does this mean its pumping out both regardless?

    2. if so does that effect the plant negativly in anyway (I'm coming from using MH for veg and HPS for flower)

    3. Are there seperate Light for veg and bloom for me to choose?

    4. What wattage would be good for 2 seperate 8ft square areas of growth? (SOG Cab)

    Basically I'm trying to have 2 seperate areas one for Bonsai mother plants and Clones. The other for Flowering and I don't want to buy something thats going to be bad to keep moms under.

    ps the entire grow spaces are. 6ftTx4ftWx2ftD(for Flower) and 2ftTx4ftWx2ftD(for Veg)
  2. 1. I have the Solarstorm. When its on veg setting more blue is produced, on flowering more red ... in either case both are being generated.

    2. No it does not. In actuality just having MH or HPS without the other negatively effects plants but your plants adapt to their being less spectrum.

    3. You can buy LEDs that are deisnged for either spectrum or both.

    4. Mmm you will need multiple lights. Solarstorm's suggested area is a 4x4 area possibly a 5x5 after that not much good.

    If your just looking for a flowering lamp get a lesser Blackstar 240 or something. Will work wonders. My buddy used to veg with T5s then move them into 1000w HPS. He bought a 240w led panel and said it blew his T5s outta the water.

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