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  1. I was wondering if i could get a professional glass blower to make me my own bowl. I have imagination but don't know the first thing about glass blowing. can someone point me in the right direction if this is even possible?

  2. Explain what you want, can't help ya off that
  3. etsy has some fine custom glass blowers.
  4. The guy that posted first, SmileyAgent, is a glassblower along with a few others on the forums. I'm sure they could help you out, if not point you in the right direction to get you exactly what you want.

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  5. Yeah, you need to give more details on what you want exactly. Most glassblowers can make a simple bowl, but if you want a full size replica of a lion that is also a bowl then no.
  6. just about any blower that does custom work would help you out, but you may have to do your own research on what you want to get. Read around talkglass and glassdistrict to learn the names of some of the techniques, so you can tell a blower what you want (or you can draw it).
    Some blowers to talk to would be Smilyagent, GMD/GWO, maybe DWB, and basically any blower over on GD (just pm them and ask if they can do a custom piece)
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  8. great thank you everyone :)..... any estimations on cost? ballpark will do
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    You still haven't gone into detail about what you want lol, did you even read the replies?
  10. Hit smiley up he's got sum pretty descent work
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