Personal blunt.

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by Masta Bake, Oct 5, 2010.

  1. Anyone else smokin on a personal blunt today?

    I just rolled a half gram or so of some minty dank in a grape swisher.


    What'd you roll it up in, and how much?
  2. mmmm that looks delicious
    i don't know if i'd smoke a whole blunt to myself, i'd feel like it was a waste if i am already faded 1/4 of the way into it.
    but it sounds like a fun challenge :smoke:
  3. Ya I got you, it's only a half gram but I know that should still get me blasted, shits pretty good dank.
  4. just twisted up a vanilla rilla of homegrown, bout .6 n it was a bluntville. time to grab a brew nd spark up. fuck probation:devious:
  5. Haha nice man, fire that shit uuuuup
  6. Sick man, personal joints/blunts aren't my styel but a .5 isn't even big :p I'm used to bigger. Either way, I've smoked those to myself many times! Enjoy man! I'm gonna smoke some oil!
  7. nice mang. I've never smoked oil but I'm sure it's the diggitys
  8. grape swisher personal blunts are my bread and and butter.
    I learned how to roll with these. I used to smoke one a day, everyday. not anymore...but If i ever get the chance, grape swisher personal blunts are possibly my favorite way of smoking.
  9. Haha word I'm not a big blunt guy, I just smoke one once in a while. That way, I don't smoke tobacco a lot, but that rush is pretty nice when I do.
  10. maaaaan, even my personal blunts are like .8 :p

    but word bro
  11. Word it's not a competition breh breh I'm just trying to get high, and I felt like a swisher today so I rolled one up :D

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