Person Responsible For Nsa Leaks Comes Forward And Explains His Motives

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NasaJoe, Jun 9, 2013.

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    Good embedded interview in the article.  Pretty amazing stuff happening recently.. the magnitude of the NSA leaks and what has now become public knowledge is massive..

  2. Well shit

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  3. Edward Snowden is my hero
  4. Well shit is right! I agree.
  5. By the way I don't know if any of you guys caught Glen Greenwald(I think that was the author of the article for the guardian) on CNN this morning, but he was whooping ass on those talking heads.
  6. Transparency, am I the only one who understands that this word is meaningless when dealing with governing a nation. There are numerous things you never need to know because you simply don't. They are matters of national security, meant to protect you from a violent death. 
    That's mostly fear mongering and propaganda.
    I honestly don't think we need to know EVERYTHING(although I'm all for as much transparency as I can get, I'd take all of it if they gave it out) but to say we didn't need to know our own government is spying on us? Violating our rights? How much of the kool-aid did you drink man?
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    Are they meant to protect me from violent deaths a la pressure cooker bombs at a marathon, or is that exempt?
  9. Thanks for the post
  10. wow... hard to believe hong kong has more freedom of speech than we do
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    Really is it fear mongering and propaganda? Were you in or around NYC or DC during 9/11? Or how about after as those of us in DC area lived our lives in constant fear of being shot by a sniper. Talk to me when you know its like to experience terrorism, not just watch it on tv. 
    Call it fear mongering and whatever you wish, I think it is you who are afraid. Afraid of a government who is only serving you, who derives its power from you, who derives its policy from the voice of the people and the greater good of all. Your fear and concern are misplaced, and your actions only aid our enemies. 
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    Oh yeah, you know what it's like to deal with terrorism so clearly you know better than me. Got any more fallacies you'd like to get out? You're just doing more fear mongering, and if you think the government needs to know the personal information of EVERY SINGLE PERSON to keep you safe then I would argue our government is inept and their systems idiotic.
    Want to keep yourself safe from terrorism? Stop supporting it in the middle east. I'll be damned if my rights get taken away because you're afraid of the big bad terrorist.
    EDIT: Especially while you sit here and support the biggest terrorist organization on the planet.
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    You clearly know nothing on this issue so I will respond with one thing. Terrorism isnt just in the middle east, its in the US, Europe, Africa, the Near East. It is home in the United States where domestic abuse is going on. Terrorism takes many forms and it does not discriminate between national boundaries. Stop listening to the media and get a fucking education and formulate your own opinions, do not just adopt those of everyone else. 
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    Lol no way this is serious.
    And then the other posts have been golden as well.
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    You're the one who's ignorant on the matter. You help support terrorism and spread it. Senseless wars, drone strikes killing children, and all in the idea of spreading American ideals? That's terrorism if I've ever heard it. The worst part is you're the one spouting the opinions of the media and you don't even know it, I formed my own opinions, and they are that this government is currently committing terrorists acts. Those acts lead to people wanting to terrorize us......... and in your mind some how that means the government should be given more power to stop them?
    That would be like starting fires and then saying you need more power/control to put them out. They caused this, why would I give them more power, more authority, so they can fight a problem they created(and don't seem keen on ending). Instead you're more than willing to offer up my civil liberties as if somehow this will quell the fire, instead of just exacerbate it.
    Ben Franklin(it's who wikiquote says said it but I'm not sure): Those who would give up essential freedom for temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.
    Who gave you the right to give away my personal freedoms? All because you're afraid of what might happen.........
    First of all, grow up, Next, you have to participate to shape policy. Clearly, if this was not so how are we slowly heading toward legalization? Hmmm, must be some magical force of bullshit. 
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    I'm not the one afraid of being hit by a sniper. You sound like the one who's being scared into giving up his liberties.
    Who gave you those personal freedoms? If you do not believe in God, as many dont here, then who?
  19. remember 9/11...that time the those terrorists attacked us because they were jealous of our freedom :rolleyes:
    never forget! :hide:
    I believe those freedoms are not given to me by anybody. It's basic human decency. Ever heard of the non-aggression principle? Look into it.

    Just wanna point out that instead of arguing my points you've attempted to change the argument, those points hold too much truth to argue.

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