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Persistent sore throat

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by parkster, Feb 20, 2016.

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    So Ive had a sore throat going on for about 2 months now, no strep, no mono, no infection. I have been to a primary doctor and an ENT, so far nobody has found what is causing it. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this and if it possibly caused by smoking weed(I have been smoking for 6 years)? BTW I have been refraining from smoking pretty much since I have had this and not much has changed.


  2. my girlfriend had a continuing sore throat/cough one time and the natural doc gave her hydrochloric acid to add a few drops into water daily. it cleared the cough right up....

  3. Interesting, may have to try that. At this point ill do anything cause I have no clue what could be causing this.
  4. i used to be a pretty heavy herb smoker (blunts,joints,bowls,bongs) and would regularly get a sore throat on those late nights of smoking like my friends and i were having our own personal Cannabis cup in my room lol. Thats actually one of the main reasons i switched to a vaporizer and it hasnt really bothered me since i switched to strictly vaping and dabbing oil. Smoke in general is carcinogenic and smoking anything is bad for you. and can cause problems with your lungs and throat.

  5. Yea I was gonna start vaping as soon as I can get over this for that reason. I only got a minor sore throat after smoking blunts in the past and I never thought weed would give me problems but perhaps it has.

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