Perseid Meteor Shower

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors' started by MrGers, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Tonight at 1:30am EST the sky will be putting on a show for free! Look up and find Perseus and prepare for over 60 meteors per hour! I've got a meteor blunt all rolled up and ready to go!
  2. thanks for the heads up...

    ive got an 8" dobsonian telescope thats been giving me great shots of jupiter lately....she is bright in the sky this time of year

    do any other star gazing?
  3. I live too close to cities/towns to get a good look. I used to teach astronomy down in southern VA, bum fuck nowhere, and on a clear night there are usually too many stars to pick out constellations.
  4. Cant wait! I'll be out there with my telly.
  5. Due no BS... I was walkin at night to my friends house and I say a meteor?? I though it was a fregin shooting star but I was wrong... damn I wish I would Have caught the whole thing!!! :(
  6. meteor=shooting star
  7. Its all clear to me! TY!! :D


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