Perry screws up voting age and election day (surprise surprise)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Skeeter91, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. I don't think we need another thread to realize the guy is a incompetent moron
  2. I'd have to get plastered drunk before I ever voted for this clown anyways. Maybe that's where the Freudian slip of age 21 comes from.
  3. I posted this on another forum. Man, I've got some dumb-ass friends. Here's basically how it went.

    Me: Lol, Rick Perry strikes again. Raw Video: Perry Confuses Voting Age in N.H. - YouTube
    Daf: Who's Rick Perry?
    Me: Katy Perry's step-cousin from & he wants to be our next president.
    Daf: Oh, ok. Why is this funny?
    Me: [​IMG]
  4. Is there any good reason why he hasn't already collected his hat from the ring, put on his coat and left yet?

    Seriously, aren't there any other slightly more competent candidates who could take his place left in the US?
  5. Is he really related to her?
  6. Don't have a clue. I just made it up cause I was high.
  7. Not related to Katy Perry. She should do smurf songs for his campaign though.
  8. Perry strikes again. If he wants any further shot he just needs to stop talking.
  9. [ame=]Banker to Rick Perry - "I'm from Bank of America and we'll help you out" - YouTube[/ame]
  10. A governor from Texas who forgets his own position with a penchant for messing up public speaking . . . He isn't even president yet and he's already where Bush managed to stagger to by his 6th year.

    Of course there are people who want to vote for that =)
  11. This guy is like George Bush's more retarded evil twin.

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