Perpetual SoG or Scrog Closet ? ?Pics inside (need some help!)

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by masterdebater49, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. Sup GC :smoking:

    I need some help designing my closet so i can get the best use out of the space i have. But before i start ramblin about what im thinking, spark up a doobie and check out the pictures. Sorry I couldnt fit the whole closet into one good picture my camera sucks but you get the idea.

    :smoking:--Closet Doors--


    :smoking:--how doors open--


    :smoking:--Looking Straight in--


    :smoking:-- Side View --


    :smoking:--Looking up--


    Dimensions : 1.5' Deep (sad about this:mad:) x 4'5" Wide (1 inch shy of 4.5' feet) x 8.5' Tall

    Ok now heres my thoughts on this.....

    Im having trouble figuring out how to separate the space into chambers for Veg,Flower,Clones,mothers so that i can maximize yield as well as how to ventilate that space without making any holes for ducting in the walls. Which makes me wonder if I should skip the whole perpetual/Sea of green idea and just throw a big ass screen in there with a bubble bucket ( which i dont really want to cuz perpetual is cool!)

    I would love to do a hydroponic grow but soil would be fine.

    I realize most of the space in the closet is vertical (8.5' tall) but how to create shelves and whatnot to maximaze my plants in there is confusing me.

    any input whatsoever to help me get started would be greatly appreciated as I would also love to turn this thread into a large discussion with lots of useful information for others as I see a lot of the same questions asked everyday here on GC.

    Thanks and help me get this grow journal started!
  2. OK you're pretty much at square one withthe design process. Before we even get to the closet, let's figure out what you're trying to do- you don't even know that yet.

    Let's consider: How many times have you grown, and how many times have you grown in a closet? If the answer to those is 0 or even 1, I'd recommend that you forget about perpetual. We'll get to that later, learn to grow now.

    I felt the same way when I started- I wanted it all, all at once- but this takes a LOT of patience and learning, compared to other hobbies.

    Honestly, I wouldn't fook with shelves and such. It's good that the bi-fold doors open up all the way, but the depth of the closet makes it hard to have decent shelf width and still have good access.

    Your grow will go much better if you keep it simple, especially until you know what your messing with.

    My strongest recommendation is that you follow my lead and copy Rumpleforeskin's setup as closely as possible. Since you don't have the extra depth I have, I would consider using buckets like his, but you could also use tubs like mine which really does help keep the solution more stable.

    OK I'm digressing- but my recommendation is that you run a simple BB setup first for the best chance at success on your first try. Others recommend trying soil first, but I found that slow and frustrating. Hydro is doable first time if you:

    A- Buy good meters. Mine were $90 (pH) and $16 (tds) and they work great.

    B- Copy Rump exactly, and use the Lucas formula. Cheap and effective.

    C- Don't innovate. I do it a lot, but always come back to the original- my setup is flashy but it really is almost exactly like Rump's.

    It's kicking the shit out of my soil grow in half the time. Honestly I don't really find that it takes more than a few minutes a day to maintain.

    Well, Just some stuff to think about-

    Decide what grow system you want first- then we can make it fit the closet.

    You do realize that with those bi-fold doors, odor control and stealth are both pretty much out of the question? And you'll have to figure a way to make a light tight area for flowering.

    I'll be around to help you develop it some more but think about the things I brought up.

    Happy Growing!
  3. thanks a lot mech that was extremely helpful for me, just what i needed to get my stoned ass thinkin right lol. I'll take your advice and stay away from the perpetual for now until ive learned more. by the way, I already own a TD-100X so id like to incorporate that into the ventilation.

    I've grown some plants in soil before but never got to flowering them as my family had a sudden move so i gave them away. So lets just say ive never grown before.

    I feel comfortable growing in Bubble Buckets or Tubs and im pretty sure im going to go that route instead of soil. I will definatly look at rumples thread again and draw up a design for you guys to check out later tonight most likely.

    You said ..."You do realize that with those bi-fold doors, odor control and stealth are both pretty much out of the question? And you'll have to figure a way to make a light tight area for flower"

    ^Well thats just my biggest problem =/ But i was thinking of maybe making some sort of "door" behind those folding ones. look at these 2 pics. I could maybe hang a tarp behind the folding doors and roll it up when i need to get inside. Honestly it doesnt really need to be light proof, I would like it to be but i dont have to worry about people going into my room so i could even leave the doors open if i had to. it would be brighter than daylight though when i tried to sleep haha so fuck. The ventilation/odor control has got me stumped. This is where I could use the most help.

    This is looking at one side of the door after its closed to show the 3 inches of depth I could use to build another door behind the folding doors.

    This is in case you couldnt tell what i was measuring in the last picture. Right behind the folding door there's about 3 inches of depth(idk if that makes any sense =/)

    Sorry if that was a lot or didnt make kinda baked and instead of proofreading im going to make some crazy concoction of food.:smoking: Look for my shitty design later tonight haha =p
  4. I'd give a similar answer to what given others.

    I'd bring that shelf to the desired height (depending on growing method DWC etc). I'd buy two 150hps (this will limit heat problems) with solid square reflector. Next i'd cut two square openings for the hps to sit on, and staple pond liner to the front (light proof that area).

    After that i'd run the lights, check temps.... then resolve any heat issues.

    Here's a pic of the lights required. And a pic of how a UFO LED cab with lights sitting outside would look - as opposed to hps :smoking:

    Attached Files:

  5. btw light proofing for the actual grow area, from the shelf down, can be achieved by making cuts into the wooden side panels already there. All you need do then is buy a sheet of plywood - this will allow the plywood to slide up/down to open/close the area.

    Then staple pond liner from the shelf to the ceiling to light proof the area where the lights are sitting.

    Like this.

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  6. sup Greebeans, thanks for the response.

    The sliding peice of plywood sounds like a great idea, seems simple and easy I'll keep that idea in mind as I design the closet. :hello: Im sure i'll eventually try those UFO LED's someday but for now HID =p.

    I think im going to start with just one bubble bucket and grow the free LA Woman seed i got from attitude for now and then I will grow 2 plants next time. Who knows I may even still grow two right now :smoking:If i just have a single BB plant will I need to connect it to a resevoir? and also will a 250watt HID be enough for 2 plants grown sCrog style? or should I just invest in the 400watt now =/? lemme know what you guys think:D!

    I should have a rough design on here soon, been busy with car trouble ..ugh:(
  7. - Update -

    Built my first bubble bucket, exact replica of rumpleforeskins (thanks again rumpleforeskin you are the man) tested it out with my Tetra whisper air pump and it works great. It leaks a tiny bit from the bottom sight indicator elbow though =/. hope i can seal it.

    also bought ..

    32oz bottle General Hydroponics FloraMicro
    32oz bottle General Hydroponics FloraBloom
    10x10 Feet 5.5 Mil thick Black & White poly Durable waterproof film

    Next up

    ...Lights (my local hydro guy said that a 250 watt produces 10% more light than two 150 watts...i dont get it:smoking::confused:) Whats the cheapest 250 watt light and remote ballast online?

  8. You get what you pay for.... my .02

    Wouldn't skimp on something as important as the lights.
  9. I completely agree with you on that one, I was kind of hoping someone would respond and tell me i found the best deal on planet earth lol.

    hmm im going to do some more research tonight and maybe tommorow I will order my lights and probably other stuff.
  10. Ok before I go any further into buying stuff for the grow I need my official ventilation plan/design.

    Heres my idea on how I plan to ventilate the space. Tell me what you guys think I need to know if this will ventilate a 250 or 400watt light as well.


    - the intake will come in the right wall of the closet but underneath a "false Floor" and then up through the floor on the other side. I will Probably put at least PC fans on all 4 of these intake holes

    -one of the intake holes on the floor will be ducted to the grow light then through the cool tube and out the top right of the closet through a carbon scrubber. (Should I have my S&P TD-100X Before the cooltube or after the cooltube? is this the proper way to ventilate it? i need some advice here.

    -ill have another section for the ballast and keep all wires,and timers in there. probably hold my nutes and meters in there also.

    Im thinking of getting the htgsupply 400 watt kitt its the same price as the 250 watt i cant resist...closet fire??:smoking:


    Uploaded with
  11. hahaha i love looking at that picture i drew last night when i was stoned off my ass.

    Let me know if you guys think I could do the ventilation better. As soon as i figure this out im going to order everything else I need and start germination.

  12. you might want to rethink your carbon filter placement. usually you want the air being sucked through it, rather than pushed through it. think of it this way, if you are pushing air through it, then between the fan and filter will be a high pressure area filled with stanky air just begging to leak out and get you in trouble. just my 2 cents. everything else looks great though :hello:
  13. Thanks UBsmoker that was really helpful. makes a lot of sense, i will definatly put the filter before my inline fan now.

    After the weekend I should have a final design ready to go and I can start construction. woo

    Any thoughts on lights or good links to info on lights?
  14. I didn't see anything about Gen Hydro Grow. It is a three base nutrient set. Micro, grow and bloom. I would also like to suggest Diamond Nectar by GH, it enhaces root intake. Also take a ppm reading of your water to see if you have hard water=200ppm or higher from tap. If so then use GH Micro for hardwater.
  15. Can I be the first to suggest you knock the whole thing out and put in a trellis and a step ladder? Snakes and Ladders grow man.
  16. 400watt light system is coming in the mail tomorow woot :D

    I'm thinking of building a tent inside the closet using PVC to frame it out and then using black and white poly for the actual tent. I'll use tarp zippers for entrance to the grow area.

    The reason this is taking so long is I can only order so many things at a time and I dont want like 50 packages arriving all in one week so im spreading it out over time. I have some pretty much final designs drawn out but im waiting for all my supplies to arrive in the mail until i finalize anything.

    Stay tuned, construction soon!:smoking:
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    I would split the closet horizontally 60/40 with mothers and clones on the bottom with 24 hr cfls, and your 400w set on 12/12 above in the flowering room. that leaves about 4.5' below to let your mothers get pretty big, and have room to grow clones, and about 4' above to flower in. make sure they are light proof, and I would put a carbon filter on both the intake and exhaust. this will keep the air in the chamber clean AND keep the smell of weed out of the room. when those buds are approaching harvest time, its so unbeleivably stinky, your neighbors will smell it without proper exhaust filtration.
    nice space though btw. i would like a little nook like that. Im trying to assemble a tall skinny cabinet in my walk in closet at the moment that will have a similar setup.
  18. htg supply.... best prices... fast delivery...
    ur best best is a panda film curtain...
    if it was me, id spil the lower portion of the closet for veg.. use the upper for flower...
    dont mess around with a 250... youll replace next year anyway with a 400 so just go for it...
    you have to vent though... a hole up to the attic will prob do best...IMO...

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