Perpetual Sailing

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  1. Alright folks, here's my attempt for a perpetual sea of green.

    Here's the specs.
    Veg cabinet
    32"w x18"d x70"h office cabinet DIY built
    Clone light- 40w 4700k led strips normally used for flourescent retrofits.(Run pretty cool)

    Mothers light- DIY board (literally lol)
    6x t5 flourescent 4100k 18"
    2x 4500k led spot lights
    Average lux is around 35-40k at top of mother, though penetration is on the low side.
    145w at the wall. (Meant to keep them healthy, but not too fast of growth due to space)
    Intake- PC fan
    Exhaust- 140cfm bathroom exhaust fan

    Using rockwool for cloning w/ clonex gel. Small airstone and pump are hooked up to the humidity dome, but I may build a cloning machine soon to increase my expected success rate. (So far around 60%)

    Current mother - island eisbaer aka white snow 5g fabric pot
    I'll be dropping a mango tonight for the other mother spot.

    Soil for the mothers is a mix of :
    40% manure and compost
    30% perlite
    30% buffered azalea mix from one of the landscape companies I work with.
    So far good results from it. Only use tap water with dechlorination drops added.
    I made it to keep them healthy and happy until I can start building up my supplies for a no till. That's the end goal at least.

    As for the flower tent

    36"w x22"d x 64"h tent (cheapy but works) stuck precariously in the only available space in the house. So the picture angles may suck sometimes, but I'm working with what I've got.

    4xqb132 3500k with meanwell 240h-c1750B driver
    That alone covers wall to wall now, but I'm looking to either order some far red or redo my frame to incorporate my old blurple ufo in the mix. 20190707_164759.jpg
    It doesnt look like much, but it pushes almost 200w at the wall with far red in the mix.


    Current clones are some monsters off of an amnesia plant the met an unfortunate demise. They're in 1g fabric pots with 30/30/30 mix of perlite, manure/compost, spm.

    I'll be using nectar of the gods base line for all of the flowering. I've been impressed with them on the only other soil plant I've ran.

    Alright, my eyes are crossing from looking at the phone so long, so I'm out for now. Time to smoke
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  2. Have you tried the rapid rooters? I like them better than the cubes now and I used cubes (still do sometimes).
    do it. here:
    A cheap and effecient cloner

    I sincerely hope you currently have good smoke :love-m3j:
    peace bro
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  3. @trojangrower as always, you rock

    I had to get outside, and get some fresh smoke in my lungs lol.
    I was getting tunnel vision trying to post that long ass thing.
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  4. I'd have preferred RR to the rockwool, but had the latter on hand. And you know I'm a cheap skate. Ha ha

    I like your cloner alot! I wanted to incorporate those nozzles, but need to keep it in the approx footprint of the upper shelf.

    Thinking about using an ac bilge pump and some 3/8 aquarium tubing to reduce the height a bit. I suspect the nozzles you have will work well with it.
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  5. I really like the new aero build I used the sprayers to make, its working pretty good so far! innovation!
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  6. Screenshot_20190721-090838_Amazon Shopping.jpg Screenshot_20190721-090858_Amazon Shopping.jpg Screenshot_20190721-091148_Amazon Shopping.jpg
    Got a few things to build a new cloner with.
    The last one really wasnt necessary, but I wanted to see just how much fog it would make, or if i could use it in conjunction (it was cheap, so why not lol).
    Got clone collars from the hydro shop yesterday too.
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  7. I think that'll do the trick, let us know!
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  8. Yessir!
    I liked the water pump a lot, since it has a aeration booster line to pull air into the pumped water.
    Hopefully the quality is decent (since it was so cheap)
    I should have some pics of the girls in a bit. They just started their stretch.

    Now to smoke some, and get creative.
    25 lighters for my 25 bowls

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  9. They look a bit sad, but that's just because I still haven't set up their auto feed.
    That's next on the list though. 20190721_130828.jpg 20190721_130810.jpg
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  10. hi Canibis ,ive found your grow mate ,i'l be popping in to see how your going and growing ,,,luck with ya grow ,,,mac,,
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  11. Thanks mac! You're always welcome here.

    Just about got the clone machine working, now just to drill the holes in lid
    Thinking I'll just run 6 clones at a time, and still need to seal the threads on the nozzles more.
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  12. 20190722_202820.jpg 20190722_203000.jpg 20190722_203147.jpg

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  13. Clones in, just need to get humidity dome cleaned/ set up.

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  14. The girls are clawing some, but not sure why.
    They seemed nitrogen deficient post flip, so I up the N some for a feed, but tapered back on next feed.
    They definitely aren't over watered. Though.
    Any thoughts? 20190722_214345.jpg I can take one lights off if the 3500k throws you off any.
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  15. you don't need a humidity dome if you are using aeroponics.
    looks tight.
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  16. your plant look fine canibis ,,,nice green color ..looks like your plan is on target ...mac,,
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  17. Thanks fellas!
    Always nice to hear words of encouragement
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  18. I guess they are doing ok homeless. Kinda figured it would be too warm for them without higher humidity... good call @trojangrower ! 20190723_065658.jpg
    Momma looks looke she had a bad hair cut though lol. I'll have to clean her up tonight 20190723_065642.jpg
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  19. Little guy already sleeping on the job lol
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  20. Lol. Edit : dome less not homeless.
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