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  1. Hey guys, hope all is well. Im currently working on something under a 1000 watt light and already know I wont get a high yield. I've done scrog before and it's been great at high quantity yields and that's what i aim for. My previous grows, I've been trying something new and not scrogging, but it doesn't yield as much.

    Of course, we all want to yield a lot and use the 1k light to it's full potential. I realized one thing about flowering normally without scrogging is that, there's so many areas within the 4x4 area under the light that isn't producing bud sites. This is of course, because Im not using a training method before flowering. For those who are already familiar with the scrog, then you'll know it promotes lots of bud sites compared to letting the plant grow normally.

    Just recently, I decided I wanted to go with a perpetual grow in order to keep a good harvest cycle going. My intentions are to harvest every month, anywhere from 12oz-1pound is what im aiming for under a 1k watt light. And yes, I have harvested 1.5pounds from three plants 1k watt scrog before, so it's VERY doable for me.

    So now that I plan to do a perpetual grow, I want to make sure that I get my 12oz-1p per month. Now, the only way I know that guarantee's a high harvest is...ding ding ding, Scrog. In my previous scrogs, I'd use a 4ft x 4ft screen for the scrogging.

    Now, with a perpetual grow, it obviously moves the plants to steps during it's grow cycle. So this will prove to be difficult when dealing with scrog because you'd have to grow the plant under the screen and it'll tangle in the screen, causing it to be a big headache when needing to move it around to the next step.

    The only way to avoid this problem would to be use Screens for each plant instead of having a few plants under one big screen. This will allow you to move the plants around without untaggling the plant from the screen. I thought I came up with this idea until I saw someone else's Perpetual Mini Scrog. But good idea none the less. Now my intentions are to have 9 plants under 1k lights within 4x4ft area. I'll need three full setups for 9 screens each seeing that my first 1k light will need 9, and the second 1k light will need another 9 and the veg stage will need 9. With 27 screens, each screen measuring 16inches x 16 inches, that's a lot of work.

    I wanted to see if you guys had any opinion on to how to make it cost effective and also time effective to achieve these screens.

    Any ideas and comments?
  2. I have a modular scrog going perpetually, each plant is in a self-watering bucket that I made from square 4or5 gallon Tidycat litter buckets with the screen mounted on legs attached to the sides of the bucket. The scrog screen is a 1' x 2', rectangular, thin wooden frame with thick insulated copper wire pieces threaded through holes in the frame parallel with the 1 foot sides. They all go in one direction, NOT woven together to make a grid. Harvest is a breeze, after I slide each wire piece out, I can take the whole plant down in one wack (if I wanted, I usually do it in sections)! The final flush is no problem either, I can take the unit to the bath tub, screen and all! I'll post some pics for you if you're interested, it's better understood if you see it. I harvest one plant a month, and have a pre-vegged plant ready to take its place. Each plant produces a quarter/pound under a 400wHPS, but I could probably get twice that much if I fertilized more and maybe got a light mover, and CO2, of course. I'm not at home at the moment, but I can show pics tomorrow. Hope this gives you some ideas.

  3. Awesome! That'll be great. It's what im looking for. I just need ideas. I will be using 3 gallon circular pots so im not sure how to mount the screen so far. Pics would be great. Thanks
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    I live close so I went home and got you those picsHere's a computer rendering I did for a friend just getting into my thing. I used thin strips of wood, but you could use small diameter PVC. Almost everything was salvaged things I found here and there, I have 3 cats who eat alot, so I have a never ending supply of buckets. The only things I bought were the copper wires and thumb screws!
  5. Sorry couldn't upload pics Why does it ask for a url, when I upload pics, it then asks me for a URL and I don't put anything and I submit and the text is there but no pics. Sorry its been awhile since I've done any of this. I'll try again tomorrow.
  6. I already do just that with 2x2 screens on each plant, harvest every month

    Works great.

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  7. lol, no problem.
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    thanks for the pics Pedro. under what lights? how much do you yield per plant? how do you hook the screen up to the basket? And how long did you veg for? I figure the bigger the screen, the longer the veg time

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