Perpetual LST Scrog With Dingus

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    From the beginning, skip to the last page for greenhouse & 2x 250w HID indoor perpetual
    Hello everyone! Welcome to my perpetual scrog thread. Right now we have a female seeds x-line c99 hybrid in a ~3gal hempy under a 250w Hps conversion bulb. She will be two weeks flowering tomorrow, the 30th.

    I am using the one part 7g/gal maxibloom lucas formula for nutes. For medium im working with perlite and coco.
    My flower cabs dimensions are about W1.5' x L3' x H2'
    EDIT: I am now using 5-6g/gal maxibloom ph'd to 5.8 (old)

    In my veg cab i got a nirvana northern lights and a clone of c99 hybrid. They are in 1gal smarties being bottom fed. NL is in like 60:40 perlite coco and c99 hybrid clone is in all perlite.

    The last pic is how i cool my ballast ;)

    Hope you all join me for some sweet mini scrogging.
    EDIT: Stay tuned, soon I will be upgrading! (old, upgraded)

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  2. looks good, nice to see someone else using a 7g maxibloom LUCAS feed (I add mine to soil once it's spent)
    I usually throw it in my watering can then use the sink hand sprayer as hot as it'll get, that manages to dissolve most but not all.  Any tips/tricks you use?
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    Thanks HL so glad to have you! Ya its really simple, but uncommon around here for some reason. All over icmag...

    To dissolve i heat up a tall mug of water in the microwave, then pour 1qt of it into a 1qt glass mason jar, then i add the 7g and shake to the beat of rad tunes for like 10-15min. Then i make a whirlpool in it by like grabbing it and like making circles really fast, i hope that makes sense lol. This helps to gather whatever undisolved mix is left into a pile so i can see if i need to shake more. As soon as its all disolved or veeerrry litle undisolved i add to 1gal of water and feed.
  4. I mean, whatever doesn't dissolve just sits in the soil and breaks down each time water hits, so I guess it isn't the end of the world.
  5. I think it only really dissolves well in hot water and even then it takes a little bit. Ive had salt buildups so i make sure as much as possible is dissolved. Either way it should eventually come out in runoff, so not to worry too much.
  6. I'm in brother!
    I'm following to see the results you get with the k.i.s.s method and coco.
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    Great to have ya bmaster! Im liking the kiss method so far, but i think with coco it adds another layer of complexity to the rigid 1part all purpose maxibloom. Its so easy, but I can't really customize too much to certain strains needs. Its a good thing i have mostly fem beans and im not pheno hunting haha. :smoking:
  8. i fooking tripped while testing pH of some feed and dropped the meter into the gallon jug. SO FUCKING PISSED, 300% shot. my friend is going to drop off some of his old pH litmus papers tomorrow. I wish I had the bux to get a good pH meter. I need like $50 :c
  9. damn, I'll keep an eye out for possible lockout.  Haven't had any issues with salt but I don't feed really heavy.
  10. in coco and on my rapid rooters I notice salt buildup as it rises to the top of the medium, but I don't remember ever seeing anything like it in soil. If it works for you then you shouldn't change anything  :smoke:
    on another note, I will be receiving a replacement shitty pH meter within the next few days. c99 is almost 3 weeks into flower, almost halfway done! She is beautiful, I will update with pics on wednesday. I'm really busy right now as I have a ton of schoolwork, finals week is coming up.
  11. Hey Dingus..sorry to hear about your meter :(
    Happy about your c99! That strain is on the top of my next seed order. 
    I found I had a lot of salt buildup when using the Maxibloom when growing in perlite. That's one reason I changed my nutes when changing to coco. Coco seems to retain the salts more. House and Garden have a product called Drip Clean that's dissolves salts in the coco and keeps hydro systems clean. It also cuts down on the need for flushing or as much runoff. The only thing is, apparently you shouldn't start this product in mid grow. You can start it in early veg, then all the way through your grow. It has been working great for me! 
    I hear ya about not having as much control with the one part. It definitely is an simpler system, but I find as I learn and experience more about cannabis cultivation I like to fine tune my nute regiment according to strain and stage of growth. That's a personal choice though. Many growers swear by the K.I.S.S. Method and have great result. So idk  :confused_2:
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    I'm a mud man and have been for years, I'm in the midst of reading about coco and my next grows also going to be a scrog weirdly enough.

    So if ya don't mind I'll go sit in the corner and pop out now n then if I have any relevant questions or answers, I think I've seen you post in a few threads I'm following too, TG or Crackmonkey maybe ?

    I was "you know who I'am" before GC changed its OS.
  13. welcome welcome! Its a pleasure to have ya! Whenever you have a question shoot man! Ill be happy to try and answer anything. Probably TG, i don't think I'm following crackmonkeys thread, but only because i cant find anyones threads since the update! I think i went through a bit of your 12/12 fs thread yesterday, its beautiful and purple :). Once i start making fem seeds with colloidal silver ill probably do a 12/12 from seed pheno hunt
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    no worries on the meter, ive been making due with litmus test ph strips. Ive known about drip clean but im pretty broke so i havent gotten around to picking it up. Its on the shopping list though! I think kiss method might be better in dwc cuz the pH wont rise as fast when its aerated and constantly moving. Its working great for my big girl c99 in flower but the others are having trouble.

    As far as salt buildup goes i can see it accumulating on my rapidrooter plugs where the base of the stalk is, and occasionally on the top layer of coco on big girl c99.

    Ya being 1 part definitely lacks versatility but then again i hardly know what im doing so perhaps this is safer haha. Although i am interested in lucas with gh micro and bloom, but id rather make my next step to be full organic.
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    Guys i think its werking. I did a thing. Today is 3 weeks from flip.

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  16. looking good!!
  17. Heres the rest of todays pics.

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  18. looking good dingus..
    my thread keep telling me to go here at the bottom..
    glad i stopped by..
  19. thats how i found it lol
    looks badass dingus! gnarly scrog!
    buds looking nice already man! keep up the work of greatness
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    Thanks guys! Your threads must have a mind of their own and already know what's up haha!
    so glad you guys all could make it ;) I'm going to update later today! She goin ham at 4 weeks but I might have set her back a little due to the week without a ph pen. It turned out the ph of the stuff I was giving them off of the test strips was like 4.7 :eek:!

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