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Perpetual Harvest

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by GiMiK, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Hi there, brand new to this community, although I have been trolling through these forums for a while, trying to pick up tips and what not.

    Recently I constructed 2 grow rooms, roughly 12'L x 8'W x 8'H for the veg room, roughly 22'L x 9'W x 8'H for the flowering room. Now, i would like to set it up so that i can continually harvest either 1 or 2 (more if possible later) fully mature females per week, as well as having a continual supply of clones/vegging plants.

    My question is how many (plants) would i need to maximize use of this grow room, while being able to get the minimum of 1 or 2 per week?

    Also, i would like to try to keep them in veg for 2 months (10 weeks) on average, but its not set in stone if it doesnt work out for the perp. harvest.

    Legal limit of plants, including clones, is up to 72 total.

    Again sorry if i miss any vital info, typing this on the fly :p

    Thanks for any and all help towards this.
  2. You must be in Oaksterdam. But you should know that 72 plants is not the "legal limit." CA law is that you can have as many plants as "medically necessary." Oakland has a guideline of 72 plants but only in a 32 square foot area, so they are including clones and seedlings. If necessary, you still have to be able to explain in court why you needed 72 plants for your medical condition. Are you planning dirt or hydro? What kind of lights? You can fit a lot of lights and plants in those spaces. Why do you want to veg for 10 weeks? If you do, you are going to end up with huge plants. To harvest every two weeks, you will have to have the grow cycles of your plants staggered so that you start flowering two plants every two weeks. I don't see why you would do it that way though if instead you could harvest a pound or more every 8 weeks.
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    I live in Michigan, where the maximum legal limit is 72 per person, (clones count towards my limit) but only if you have 5 patients under you, the caregiver. Other wise, the maximum allowed is 12 per card.

    I would like to set up a routine where I can keep a constant supply of plants in all stages, as again, I'm limited in the amount of plants i can have in my possession at one time.

    So, in essence, bigger is better when you have a set amount you can work with, at least that's my take.

    Edit. I'm planning on going strictly dirt, as hydro seems to be too much hassle for not enough gain, at least until I "master" a couple strains down to exact dosages in feedings, etc.

    A side question while this topic is going, would 3 1000w HPS/MH (either) be too much in the veg area? Would 6 600w HPS be enough for the large flower area?

    Very general info, but any help would be appreciated, even pointing me in the right direction.
  4. You should put the 1000s in the flowering room and the 600s in the veg room. More light = more and bigger buds. Bigger is not better when it comes to indoor marijuana plants. The plants stretch to double or even triple their size once they start flowering, so if you start flowering at 2 feet, you could end up with a 6 foot plant. The amount of light that will penetrate through foliage down to the bottom few feet will be small, so basically the bottom 2-3 feet of a six foot plant are a waste of time and space. Then you can only put so many (2? 3? - I don't know, never done it) 5 or 6 foot plants under a 1000w light. You will get more yield from more 3-4 foot plants than fewer 5-6 foot plants. If you have 5-6 plants under each 1000, say 20 plants vegging, and 20 clones, you are still well within legal limits. Plus, you don't have to deal with the organizational headache of starting clones, putting plants into harvest, and harvesting every two weeks. ASince you flower plants when they are relatively small, 3 600s for veg will be overkill depending on how many plants you are vegging at the same time. IMO, learning to grow with soil or coco is good, but hydro will ultimately give you bigger yields, if done right, or massacre your entire crop, if you mess up.
  5. Well actually, he would probably get more light from the 600. Six 600s= 3600 watts as opposed to 3000 with the 1k watter. However, MH is better for veg and HPS for flower. Maybe put some of each in each room to get a good mix of each light spectrum?
  6. I agree the 600s add up to more watts. My experience is that the 1000s produce a bigger yield and bigger buds, but that is probably because I replaced each of my 600s with a 1000, I didn't replace two 600s with just one 1000. Now if he had 6 1000's.....
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    Also another thing that people often overlook in the debate of "600 vs. 1000" is heat. The 600 puts off much less heat than a 1000, allowing you to place it closer to your buds equaling (ideally) more lumens and even better penetration. Hahaha (<--srry just smoked lol) That being said, 1000 does put out more light and the more light the better...so if you can keep it cool go for it!

    Just do your research on what you have to work with for now, and I gurantee you it will pay off in the end.
  8. This is what i was getting towards with my question, would having less more intense lights be more effective than having more less intense lights?
  9. 600 watters have been proven the best HID lights you can buy so yes multiple 600s would be much better.
  10. ^^ Agreed. I love my 600. I have one right now, and when I expand my grow space ill be using multiple 600s vs fewer 1000s

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