Perpetual harvest scrog, 5 plant max setup questions.

Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Skunkman5, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. In January ill be able to legally grow 5 plants. My goal is to harvest at least 8 oz every harvest and basically keep a mother and have 2 in veg and 2 in flower. I plan to grow in soil and want to use a quantum led board for flower but I’m a little unsure of what light i should use and what size tent I would need to get 8oz from 2 plants in scrog. Also my gf can also grow 5 plants so I’m open to suggestions on a strain that will not only work well with scrog but also might work well if I clone a few plants for my girlfriends outdoor grow next summer. Any ideas? Suggestions?

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  2. Could you veg 1 and flower 3?

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  3. 8 oz from 2 plants in a scrog?

    80cm x 80cm tent. 1800cm in height.

    Veg for 4 weeks, put the LEDs away, get some HPS for flower (air cooled hood) then flower for another 8 weeks (or until 50% of the trichs get cloudy) , dry for 10 days, cure for 4 weeks using boveda packs and hygrometers and bingo.

    You're a boss.
  4. I mean if what you want is a perpetual cycle...get 3 tents.
    One for seedlings and/or clones/mothers.
    One for vegging.
    One for flowering.
    When you start flowering, start vegging, start popping seeds.
    When flowering is done, simply move those to your drying area, put the veggers in the flowering tent, put the babies into the vegging tent. Grow more babies from seed or cut clones.

    1>2>3>1>2>3>1>2>3...does that make sense?

    Of course once you're more aware of the flowering times etc, you'll be able to get it down to an art I'd say.
    You could probably skip the first stage one or combine it with the vegging tent?
  5. +1 for the 3-tent strategy. Personally, my favorite indoor setup is:
    - flower tent
    - veg / flower tent
    - veg / clone / seedling tent

    With this setup you will always have one tent in perpetual flower, one tent that fluctuates between late veg. / early flower, and one tent in perpetual veg. You should get a harvest every 30 days.

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