perpetual harvest question (clones, preflowers, etc.)

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    so i currently have three plants goin right now, two in hempy buckets, one in soil, all fire bagseed though. anyways i want to do a perpetual harvest, having 1-2 mothers, taking 8 cuttings every two weeks, picking the best four while selling the other clones for ten bucks a piece, so i can have four nicely devloped plants every two weeks. i am LSTing for maximum yield and no stress, but anyways i have only grown one other time and got the to point where the plant showed female preflowers, but died on first day of flowering :.

    so with that out the way i would like to know which would be the best way to get things started,
    A)take some clones and force flower to find sex...
    B)put plants in 12/12 til sex shows and then put back in 18/6 and then take clones...
    C (what i think i should do) wait til preflowers show then take clones...

    i dont want to do A because i am greatly against any cutting so i dont want to cut anything til i know im taking a female clone, i also dont want to do B because i dont want to take the chance of stressing my female plant by putting it back into veg just to maybe then lose the chance of her being a female (be goin hermy or something)

    also i have done lots of researching on clones but cant find any good tutorials with great pics, like i know how to clone but i dont know when to take the cuttings (like how big the plant should be and where to take the cutting)

    thanks any help will be GREATLY appreciated
  2. So I think I am answering this correctly

    A. Force plants into flower (12/12) FROM THE NON stressed plants that have revealed females, Take clones from.

    B. Place those clones in 18/6 to grow out to ideal height.

    C. Place same clones back into 12/12 for remainder of grow

    D. Raise or grow a plant to be ideally your mother. Let her grow out and keep her in VEGG> Make sure she doesn't stress and become hermi. All of your clones from this plant will have same genetic makeup. Continue to top or duplicate shoots and remove clones as you like. Mothers from what I read need little to continue on, nitrogen and some flora nutes. Decent light my suggestion would be a 150-250 watt light. Keep it close and your plant will be bushy. This is what I have read a gathered to be the best steps.

    E. Your clones will need good light but not ALOT!, humidity and patience. Most root baths are just RO water. But all depends on how you clone. using a cloner or just soil (with rooting hormone)

    Hope this helps....

  3. learn to grow before you learn to count your money
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    and who said anything about money? i'll out smoke you anyday dude, were doing all of this for personal use, i have glaucoma and massive back pains, which allowed me to get my card, so thanks for stopping by asshole. and how the hell are you supposed to learn how to grow without growing?? the guys on here who get pissed at people make no sense..
    you can't just read up on everything for two years and then with no experience, get tons of bud on your first grow, you were a fuckin newb too you jerk

    EDIT: oh, you meant the extra clones im giving to my friend who also has a card, who INSISTED on paying for every clone he gets, i cant complain

    as for apocalypz, thanks alot dude, +rep fo sho, im planning on using an aerocloner so i dont think i'll need the hormones, but i really do appreciate the help bro!
  5. well you have said you dont want to do A or B in your idea' sounds like waiting till you see preflowers. Personally I have not had the need to move a plant into 12/12 to tell sex since my first grow many yrs ago...once you know what the preflowers look like, its not hard to spot them.

    So just go with that since you cant stand cutting until you know its a female...not a big deal if you happen to clone a male is it? Funny I have 4cuttings of known males in my cloner right now.

    Are you buying the aero cloner? If you are you should look into building your own, much cheaper and just as good. Plenty of plans on here for them.

    Good luck on the grow,

    PS: I dont think wharfrat meant any harm in his comments, just dont put the buggy infront of the horses.
  6. If I were you, i'd take a clone or two from the plants you already have growing and make sure to mark them so you know what clone came from what plant. Then flower the clones and find out which of them (if any) are male.
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    well shit thanks alot guys, i think im gonna wait for the preflowers to show unless if its been three weeks, then im gonna force flower and take clones

    EDIT: im actually going to force flower once i get my next check and take a clone from whatever is female, trash the yucky males

    hah, yeah ive seen all of rump's tutorials, i found grasscity two years ago and i was always unsure about growing until i came across his cab that had the widow in it, i saw what he got off of one plant and was like "yeah, i need to be like that guy" so like most on here, i love his tutorials, i went in my hydro shop and knew the 70 dollar aerocloners could be made at home depot for cheap, a week later rump posted the aerocloner thread, lol.. but yeah i cant wait to make it

    once again thanks for the help guys

  8. i allways wait till they are on ther 5/6th node&then you can usually see preflowers round the 4th node or the 5th but it,s usually the 4th,like s-one else said,1nce you know what to look for you dont have to force em to show!

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