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  1. Whats up GC,
    I'm trying to setup a perpetual grow room and I have some ideas, yet do not know exactly what the best approach is. It's obviously going to be hydroponics, but I've figured running 4-5 mothers in a closet, taking 3-4 clones per week from the 4. I'm thinking take the clones and leave them in a clone box for about 3 weeks to get good roots and veg a bit. After that move them into a veg box, which would be a 55 gal tote with 8 net pots in it to let them veg for a week or 2. Then I'd move them into another tote with the same setup to let them flower for the remaining 8-10 weeks. My problem is I'm not sure how to setup the veg totes due to having to flush at the end of flowering and only wanting to flush the 3 or 4 plants finishing, not the other 20 or so plants still on their way through flower. I figure by that far into the grow the roots will be so long that I can't just take the pots out easily and move them into a separate tote for flushing. I'm really just trying to maximize yield per week with the smallest amount of space taken up, so if anyone has any dream rooms they've envisioned please explain, I'm open to anything. Be easy guys, and thanks for reading.

  2. Super Closet

    you harvest one side at a time.... all you need is some way to take lots of clones

    I've seen two of these in action... very cool
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    That thing is pretty cool, even though i definitely dont have 5k to drop i can rig something along those lines. Any idea how much they were able to yield per week?
  4. you harvest every two weeks... and I hinted around numbers and all the said was... "alot"

    you can make one for super cheap...

    a tent
    some fence tubing from home depot
    a giant tub
    some of that rack material(pictured and found at home depot) the name excapes me
    and three inline pumps with timers(drip emitters)
    net cups

    the largest cost will be the filter, the fan and the ballast with a cool tube

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