Perpetual Grow (lb/14days target) - different strains!

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    So after a successful harvest of 12 OG Kush plants I have decided to expand to a perpetual grow with an ultimate goal of a lb for every 2 weeks. Right now I probably only have the resources to put out a lb every month.

    Soil: Promix
    Nutes: DG, H&G, etc...
    400W Veg 3x3 Tent
    1000W Flower 5x5 Tent


    In addition to the clones, I also have some seedlings started up. Was able to get some of the BG C99 7x, BF LSD 5x, and 2 more random ones I forgot haha.

    Here's a diagram of the clones I have vegging. I will be vegging for 3 weeks and tossing in 20~ plants to flower while I use the rest as mothers to start up my perpetual.

    Let me know what you guys think!
  2. Cool, I'll follow along.
  3. Subbed! Good luck man, lets have a good run!
  4. Glad you're back for the ride! :)

    What do you guys think I'm going to need to hit my 2lb/month goal? I'm thinking I'm going to need another 1000W in a 5x5 space... Also if anybody has any high quality/high yield strains to suggest, I'm always down to try something new!

  5. I was thinking you need at least another 1000w light in a 5x5, or maybe 2x600w in a 4x8? If you got the room and energy requirements, go for it!

    Hitting a 2lb/month is a lot to ask for, but it can be done. Seeing what you pulled under the single 1000w, having a perpetual running under 2 should hopefully yield close to that goal.

    Right now I am running 2x600w and a 250w in a ~4x8ft space. I find shooting for even a pound a month to be a bit much. Hopefully with things getting dialed in, it won't be so unreachable.
  6. im in fo sho:wave:
  7. Uh oh... got a bunch of heavy hitters in the house, pressure's on! Better get my shit in order
  8. Atta boy. Subbed again.
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    An update for you guys! Camera should be in soon so you VIPs can get the front row seats you guys deserve :hello:


    So the Harlequin, Deadhead OG, Ken's GDP, and the seedlings are all a weeks old. All the rest have just been 2 days.

    Since a good amount of my strains are sativa and I have no height restrictions being that my tent is about 8 feet tall. What would be the best method of training so that my sativas are long and skinny with a couple of well-sized colas? Smallass bud goes into my trimmings anyways. Was thinking of cutting all the undergrowth and super cropping them about a week before flowering.

    This is my first time establishing mothers, could someone point me in the right direction? Not sure if I should be taking clones to make mothers or whatever. Help please!

    As always, thank you for stopping by :wave:.
  10. Yes Drew! You know I'm in brotha
  11. Lookin' good...

    Are you gonna scrog them? or just let them all grow up?
  12. For my last grow, I veg'd 12 plants for 3 weeks. They were OG Kush's and very bushy and wide, and my horizontal space is a lot more constricting than my vertical space. I plan on throwing about 20 plants that have been veg'd for 3 weeks into flowering. As for the rest I'll probably just pick out a suitable mother and keep them veging in my 3x3. Going to cut off all the undergrowth and supercrop them. I end up throwing small buds into trimmings anyways.
  13. something more hybrid maybe like a headband or nl5haze
  14. H&G's root accelerator ftw! I know it's fucking expensive but trust me it's WORTH IT. I wouldn't lie to my GC family ;).

    I'm in the middle of transplanting all 40+ of my plants... man is it work. But it's feel-good work! My plants are either 1 1/2 weeks old or 1/2 week old and they have root systems resembling plants that are at least 2 weeks old!

    Pic update after they're done transplanting! :hello:
  15. [​IMG]

    Man that was tiring... taking a fat toke with the Illadelph now :devious:
  16. Well, everything looks great. Diggin' the set-up, lookin' forward to watchin' em grow. I'd like to do something similar to this. Just a couple questions. Are you using 3 gal. pots for flower; where are the mothers; and how long do you veg?
  17. Yeah 3 gals is what I'm going to be going with. There are no mothers as of now, I'm just going to be picking mothers from these guys. 3 weeks veg and mostly 8 week flower.
  18. After a very fast session of some very head stimulating ganja (OGxHeadband), I've come to the the conclusion that my accelerated root process may also be contributed to the dark hours I give them during my veg. It's kind of my experimental Rosenthal 12-1 cycle. I run 12 hours light, 3 hours dark, 6 hour light, 3 hour dark. I figured it insures the plants gets 18 hours of light while it also takes into consideration Rosenthal's theory of accelerated growth with some dark hours to give the plants some rest. There's also a good chance that I've completely fucked up and will take a shotgun to my head so someone, looking at you Joe ;), please enlighten me.
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    Wow that sounds pretty crazy!

    I thought if you wanted minimal growth you use a 24hr on light cycle. To promote as much growth possible issuing a 18/6 cycle will promote maximum growth. Anything else seems to be just hear say?

    If your going to test a theory, try one that relates closer to the outdoors. We induce a maximum amount of 6 hours of darkness to ensure the plant has no way to assume its flowering season. Outdoors, the minimum amount of darkness is about 10 hours. What about a 16/8. In theory... this would still be the longest amount of light outside, while giving the longest amount of darkness for roots to grow. And still vegitate.

    PS: I could be wrong, but that light cycle your trying could be stressing the plants? Sexually anyways. Man idunno I don't know cuz I haven't researched any of this stuffyour doing.
  20. "A theory is circulating Facebook about the 12-1 light cycle as an energy-saving technique that facilitates excelerated growth during the vegetative stage of growth. Personal attacks are irrelevant, here is the scoop behind 12-1:
    Plant growth is based on photosynthesis, which produces sugar.
    When sugar is combined with Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K) it forms amino acids, which are the building blocks of tissue and plant growth.
    The more light plant's receive the more building block amino acids they produce, aka growth.
    They certainly grow well under the 12-1 light cycle as being advertised, but only simply because they are getting more light. Although it saves energy, energy equals growth.
    ***Editors Note: Because marijuana is a short-day annual, it measures the length of the dark period to determine when to flower (ie: after summer solstice the dark periods get longer and longer outdoors. You can prevent flowering indoors simpy by interrupting the dark period. A flash of light, rather than a full hour is all that is necessary to interrupt the dark period, so more energy would be saved by simply shutting off the lights for a minute."

    Here's where I got my info from, fuck it lets try it! :devious:

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