Perpetual Grace, LTD

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    Follows James, a young grifter, as he attempts to prey upon Pastor Byron Brown,
    who turns out to be far more dangerous than he suspects.10 part TV season 1
    As a fan of Ben Kingsley whoose a very wide ranging actor indeed
    (Gandi etc) can only bring class to this modern tale yarn set in the west; serious NOIR!
    Steve Conrad looks to have struck gold again after Patriot (2015). In one episode we get the back story on all main characters which we come to realize, much as the drifter, is the recipe for the perfect storm. Loved the Luis Guzman bit showing his crappy domestic life, with his millenial smartphone-zombie kids not wanting to play soccer with him in his desperate last attempt at a moral yet unhappy life (especially outside the house in the "real sun"). What a fantastic story-telling ability to give you a character's whole motivation in just one long continuous shot. The series is not without humor, but Steve's is subtle, dark and melancholic. Brilliant cast, use of music and long shots in unusual settings. Relish his proclivity to insert foreign non US locations and dialog.

    Stoner Value: Very Very High

    ps: as mentioned by @CheebaWeeba Here
  2. Looks pretty good. You should also check out another series coming called 'Righteous gems'
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