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Perpet. experimental multi recirculating DWC hydro, LST vegging, HPS/LED/T5

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by green collar, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, This is my first hydro grow, and I will be finishing off a current soil grow aswell. my goal is to yeild 3-4oz per plant, with a veg time of 3 weeks each, I am going to get into a perpetual groove where I will be cropping every 3 weeks and putting 2 new clones in the veg area every 3 weeks. so I will have 3 stages of flower, 2 under a 240w LED, 2 under a 250w HPS and 2 under a 400w hps all in 5 gallon buckets in 3 separate systems built in a recirculating dwc fashion attached to a 10 gal resivour, much like the veg set up.

    Right now the 2 clones (Pineapple haze and Durban Poison) in veg are 5 days old and girls (Pineapple haze and Durban poison) in flower are 5 days of 12/12. The girls in flower I was messing around with during veg and trimmed the hell out of one and not the other supposedly going to cause larger buds, and topped both a little.

    In the next few weeks im getting a blackstar 240w 3w each LED, for flower for the first 3 weeks out of veg, then Im getting a 250w hps for the girl 4-6 weeks, and the I will eventually use the 400w for the last 6-9weeks of flower.
    GOODIES include:
    Hydrologic 100 RO machine
    CPW 24hr nute monitor

    What strain is it? Durban Poison and Pineapple haze
    Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Both
    Soil or Hydro?
    Size of light? Sun blazed 8 bulb VEG-T5 Yeild -master400w HPS
    Is it aircooled? 2 fans,
    Temp of Room/cab?75-90
    PH of media or res? 5.3-6.1
    Any Pests ? clones came with spider mites, currently using azamax to get rid of them, had to deal with the same thing with the las batch.
    How often are you watering? top feed watering around the rockwool in the morning
    Type and strength of ferts used?
    -X nutrients veg
    -X nutrients Bloom
    -X nutrients micro
    -Liquid bat guano
    - Cal Mag +

    Bucket Size - 5 gallon
    Resivour size- 10 gallon
    Medium H20 that has gone threw RO
    Lights - T5 flouro, HPS, LED
    Nutrients -X nutirents, Bat guano, CalMag
    Strain(s) - Pineapple haze Durban Poisin
    # of Plants: 2 veg, 6 flower eventually
    Yield : 3-8 Ounces per crop

    Hit me with questions and sugestions!


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