Permanently blood shot eyes? help!

Discussion in 'General' started by exonmoble, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. This is a problem that is progressively getting worse. I have veins in my eyes are that constantly visible, eye drops don't help.

    How can i clear my eyes up?
  2. you using cheap drops or like visine? redness relief?
  3. Do you use any eye drops?

    Could be pink eye, or just a minor eye infection. I had one and it clears up pretty quick.
  4. Rotos are the best
  5. Used to use 'Optrex' didnt do shit. Using 'Clear Eyes' now, works for bloodshot eyes caused by weed. But my permanent veins still remain after.

  6. had bloodshot eyes for about a year now, its getting worse tho.
  7. Back in the day I overused the eyedrops and my eyes got all red even when not high. Quit using them completely when I moved out and now my eyes barely get red ever.

  8. True, but my eyes have been bloodshot for a while only started using eye drops recently to try and clear them up.
  9. Consult an eye doctor
  10. Ah I got you. I'd say hit up your eye doc then to be safe man.
  11. Ive seen people with permanently blood shot eyes since they where kids. Mostly black people. It literally looks like there past the point of being completely stoned, all the damn time.

    No clue what causes it, couldn't even find anything on google.
  12. And it took you a year to be concerned? lol, do you wear contacts?

    Eye redness: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

    Read through these.
  13. damn dude, cyber stoners are not doctors.


  14. Yeah maybe i should. I'm getting the feeling it might be a result of my lifestyle/ diet.

  15. Naw i dont wear contacts. I'm gonna try figure out how to post a pic of 'em
  16. what other drugs have you've used? I've seen many crack addicts, or heroin users with red eyes that won't ever change.
  17. prolly cause no health surance
  18. Never done any of the above. Have done something starting with E and ending with Y
  19. that's because they're always high

  20. Yea me see now.

    goddamn that sucks ass how fucked the medical system is:(

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