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  1. Theres this one kid at my school who i think has had a tough life hes been through alot lost his dad supposively to an overdose, mom does drugs and dinks a crap load and other things. But like every other student likes to party, drink, smoke ganja, and other similar things. I always thought the kid was weird but there has been cases of diseases in his family tree. ANYWAYS.... Last friday he took shrooms maybe his first time, and ever since he has been really DELUSIONAL. He is a completely changed person and everyone knows it. He always rants about weird things, thinks people need to join his prophecies or there the anti-christ, he rants about god, talkes about life in weird perspectives. Late rumors i dont like rumors though but thats the whole city talking about it, his mom wants to put him into a mental hospital but hes 18 and refuses. He talks about his dad coming to him in cardinal form telling him things, and now he beleive he must burn down his house with his family inside it and rebuild it from its rubble in 10 days. He recently held a gun to his lil brothers head cause he told him he needs to snap back to reality. Tried to strip in school saying are bodies were made this day for a reason. On his myspace he says hes going to die this year not in words but it has his dad b-day to death date then his b-day to this year. He apparently needed to go to this one town few hundred miles away and started walking there bear foot and no shirt. The list goes on, but i dont know much about shrooms and how they work, but whatever happened is he going to be like that forever or will he return to his normal self?
  2. this kid just seems like he is a little obsessed with his trip, and also could have had a nervous breakdown during

    honestly i think hes just looking for some attention since he isnt getting it from his mother and his father isnt there anymore..
  3. yeah dude. i dont think its perma fried. maybe brought out a mental ilness that was dwelling, but nothing more.
  4. yepp it just couldnt handle the trip, He had alot of bad thoughts that the shrooms all dwelled on and made them all come back at him at one time, If this is all true you can by law put him in a home, They keep him for 48 hours by law and run tests, If they find he needs to be there guess who has to stay.
  5. maybe the shrooms brought out psychosis. it seems he's sick in the head from birth/life experiences/trauma.

    or youre just trolling. because im traumatized from a lot of things in life and i ate a 1/4 of shrooms and nothing happened to me.
  6. haha thats what i thought at first but i always call ppl out on bsing and i decided to change my ways
  7. Sounds like drug induced psychosis.
    He will eventually snap out of it in a matter of days/weeks.
  8. that shit happened to my homie
    but what happened was he was under medication, and he took shrooms and meth here and there.. and it didn't mix too well.

    now he's perma-trippin'... but it ain't as bad as your homie... he ain't pulling guns out on his brother or anything.. he's just a bit off and you can easily tell he ain't all there.

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