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Perma Clean

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by blazinsince13, Nov 20, 2008.

  1. does this stuff really work? i have a bottle and have been taking them since monday. anyone have experiencewith them?
  2. my friend used that stuff and it worked for him and he got a job
  3. Cranberry juice and water works just fine yo.
  4. not for lab government tests
  5. it didnt work for my freind but he had only taken it for a day
  6. Alright yeah. Ive been popping 4 pills, 3 times day, since monday. and last time i smoked was monday night. I have a government lab test next week sometime, I plan to to his the gym on sunday night or sometime this weekend, I NEED to pass this test, my life depends on it
  7. cranberry, water, sauna..all the other shit is detecable if its a lab test if your not that fat u should be fine by then
  8. Are you fat? / Aprrox Bodyfat %?
  9. no man im pretty small
    weigh around 140 not much fat
    and am 5'6
  10. run like a kenyan
    sweat it out

  11. nah man, crazy fuckers run barefoot.

    run like this:

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