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Discussion in 'General' started by snake666, Sep 1, 2008.

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  1. well, as many of you probably know negligent was banned about a week ago and was supposed to end today (september 1)..

    well neg informed me that when he tried to log in today, that his ban changed.. instead of saying he'd been banned for anti-semetic remarks (even though he didnt even say anything anti-semetic other than the k word, but it wasnt used as an insult at all, it was use for comparison to what the OP said) so instead of a temporary band it magically changed from "date ban will be lifted: september 1st 2008" to "date ban will be lifted: never"

    so now for whatever reason, negs ban was changed from a temporary to a permanent even though he hadnt posted anything while he was banned, he didnt even ask me to start a thread for him when he does get banned, he just dealt with it even though he felt the reason he got banned was wrong, because he didnt insult anyone with the word he used at all.

    so heres negligents goodbye post, he says "goodbye"
  2. He should just email RMJL. Shell explain and hopefully change the ban.
  3. RIP....I mean uhhh.....dont do drugs kids.
  4. Apparently it doesn't matter if you're intending to be racist, posting anything that could be considered racist is against the rules.

    I got a 15 point infraction for racism.
  5. yea true, but the OP used a racist term to refer to white people and didnt even get a post edit or warning, neg used a term to compare what the OP said to what it implied from a different point of view

    and i dont think emailing RMJL will do too much good, i mean it must be a pretty strong decision if they changed his ban from temp to permanent
  6. What thread was this anyway?
  7. He probably had infraction build up.
  8. hannuka bowl

    hmmm i searched for it and it seems to have been destroyed/deleted

    damn CIA mods, gotta cover up the murders!!! :p

    edit: and he had 2 infractions
  9. poor negligent

    he will be missed

    this shit is getting out of control

    make it a democratic process

    everyone should vote to see if someone should get banned

    too many good people getting banned man
  10. ...."k" word?

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    Well this thread has officially bored me to tears.


    It doesn't matter how popular or how many wee green dots a user has, they don't own this site. They don't moderate this site. They broke rules because they probably felt like they could get away with it.

    Guess they got showed, am I right?

  12. No, you're allowed to say that. You just can't say ****** or any thing else of the sort.

    Go figure. :rolleyes:
  13. As long as it's not directly toward to anybody. It's not racist to say it :rolleyes:
  14. damn, that sucks, i really liked reading negs posts. this shit is getting fucking rediculous, i guess the mods value newer, more immature members, over long time members like neg. good luck in life neg, i hope you get your shit straightened out man.
  15. they don't allow this
  16. well this sucks donkey dick, we never talked but i still really liked him (cant say that about most people on gc unfortunately). and i think that as long as racism doesnt become more than words it should be viewed as any other offensive (swear) word. call me a *insert racist term* or call me a *insert any other offencive word*, ill punch you in the face either way. or ignore it, depends on how many friends you have ;)
  17. i could understand neg getting banned for breaking the rules and saying something racist

    but the way he said bike with a k wasnt offensive at all, the way the OP said it could be taken as offensive, and later in the thread the OP even admitted that he said something racist and apologized saying how he's just so used to saying it.

    i just feel bad for neg, this site has helped him stay sane for a long time, its a place for him to tell people about the good and bad of his life, he doesnt really have no one to talk to for advice because most of his friends cant relate to his problems and the advice they give is just like... i dunno just like somethin you say to try to help someone but it doesnt really mean nothing.. but on here he knew the people actually cared and had sincere advice plus we're all stoners/drug users so we can all relate
  18. Thas gay ***** unban negligent!

  19. Apparently it is, or he wouldn't have gotten banned for it.

    I guess you figure post count, rep count, and time spent here makes someone above the rules.
  20. Watch out. You might get banned. ;)
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