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  1. I'm having a issue any help would be appreciated, I have seedlings (5) auto fem. In the soil under cfl lighting.. 23w 1620 Lumen's 5000k my organic soil is 75℅ to 25% perlite they are a week old but today IV notice the top part of my perlite in every cup is burnt some any tips..its about 5-6 in away from plants..just trying to prevent stretching.

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  2. Burnt perlite? stained perlite?
  3. Probably just tiny particles of soil getting stuck in its pores.
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  4. Well the perlite is fine on the bottoms it's the top just looks burnt..
  5. New perlite lots of times turns yellow/brown almost burnt looking on top of the soil, while what's under the surface doesn't. I do not know why. There's tons of threads asking the same question and just as many different answers as too why. It's fine.

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