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  1. So i plan to take a few more clones in the next few days and want to try cloning in perlite. Im just not sure how to go about it, can i just put the perlite in a cup a or water bottle thats cut in half, and add some water to the cup/bottle then dip cutting in rooting powder, and put in perlite? should i put holes in bottom of the cup or bottle? Thanks.
  2. I have never heard of this method before, but in all reality it would work. Just wash all the dust out your perlite.. feel free to add a little B-1 to the mix(like a drop of superthrive) use the rooting gel after said cut.. and place an inch or so in. mist with distilled water often keeping a kinda moist damp environment. DOnt over water if your in a cup. Cut a couple little holes in the bottom for the water too come out.. florescent lighting is good
  3. Thanks for the help. I found some more info on this too! but more info is always better!
  4. You can root in rockwool, perlite, sand, vermiculite, sunshine mixes, dirt, and even water. I prefer to use rockwool because it is easy to handle, easy to transport, and it keeps your clone area clean.
    you want high humidity ,get a humidity dome if possible.
    no need for holes in bottom as perlite/rockwool absorbs the water plus helps get the humidity up where its needed.

    then when roots are established put into pots & job done:)

    all the best:smoking:
  5. Thanks man, i plan to try cloning in perlite in the next few days! I got a humidity dome, to try to help with the humidity, since i live in a really dry desert climate. I've been spraying the dome every few hours too.
  6. how much water should be in the bottom of the perlite when i put the cutting in? should the cutting be touching. the water in the bottom or just above the water line when i push it intothe perlite? thanks
  7. Hey man... Wanted to give you an update on the perlite cloning technique..

    It has been 12 days since i have placed cuttlings into perlite.. Followed instructions from the post i listed.. Didnt use a heat mat or anything other than a 70w grow light..

    So last night i figured i could afford to waist one if need by pulling it out of the perlite to see if it was even rooting..

    I was completely shocked to see 5-6 roots comming out of the cuttling ready to be transplanted..

    This Technique WORKS ! ! !... Couldnt believe how easy it was... NO MORE MALES ! ! !..

    Note: I ended up boiling my perlite for 20 minutes and draining before using.. I think this helped to sterilize the perlite....

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