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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by niceguy778, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. Whatsup yall? :)

    So I've been smoking weed for about a year now, and my dealer does his fair share of pills. As he was rolling up a blunt for us, he cut up a perk and popped it. He then smoked the blunt on top of that saying how he felt mad relaxed and seemed pretty darn chill. That seemed pretty appealing to me to be honest haha. So basically I'm interested in perks but I wanna know more about them. Like street value in NY, and how much to take and the feelings of them.

    All info about them is helpful, thanks alot. :wave:
  2. shud cost 2-5 a pop, depends, and 3 of em 15 mg will be a good starting point, have fun, and smoke a bowl or two on it

  3. 3 whole pills? He was taking like quarter of pills :confused:
  4. He probably already had a bunch in him; check erowid for dosage. Also, they're usually called "percs" as in, just percocet by the way.
  5. If he was taking a quarter of a pill then it was probably oxycontin, which is just oxycodone. Percs are oxycodone/tylenol, if it was OC then it will be even better. Just remember to be careful with the shit man, it's crazy addicting if you don't watch yourself.
  6. hahah man im not gonna say dont go down that path, but be careful. eh i dono even know the point in saying that, all teh warnings in the world wont stop addiction.

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