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Perkasets and other painkillers..

Discussion in 'General' started by hopesfa1121, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. I have perks that say '512' on them

    Ive never taken them, what are they like?

    Whats the 512 mean?

    Any side effects?

    Morphines great
  2. They are perc 5's. They are very similar to morphine. Theyre more euphoric in my opinoin.
  3. Hey buddy. 2 of those have me feeling decent with no tolerance.. ive tried them 3 or 4 times.. once on 5 bars of xanax, mmm. Weed/512 perks make me feel too good to type.
  4. But theres no side effects right?

    like any at all or is it just relaxing?
  5. of course its not going to give you longer life.

    check erowid.org
  6. Should i take 2?

    IF I took one would i even feel it?
  7. Do 2 for sure, or its a tease/waste.:D

    The only time I got perk 512's are from my buddies mom.
  8. percs / vicks / codone all suck.. cottins whats up.. only pill high i actgully almsot got addict4d to after one try (sincei tw as increadable..) half a 30 mg was nuff for 2 class periods .. i was like damn i could really use another full one get real messed up heh
  9. Well, Im assuming you mean Oxycontin. If thats the case Percs and Oxycontin both have the EXACT same drug(Oxycodone). The only difference is percs also have tylenol, and is instant release not extended.
  10. Painkillers in general are hard on your kidneys and your liver.

    I would say don't take that garbage. Smoke a bowl instead.
  11. Do 2. And also get a copy of Fantastic Planet ready...
  12. wtf is fantastic planet and how long will it last if i take 2

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