Peripheral vision and unknown beings.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by XenophobiaKills, Sep 6, 2003.

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  1. I dont know... I might be crazy but I\'m just throwing this out there, I\'m very curious. My entire life, I have seen beings out of the corner of my eye, probably once a month. I cannot explain it. When i turn to get a full view of whatever I was seeing, it ends up being nothing at all. However, sometimes the beings can be more recognizable. The most descrtiptive ones that I have seen are an old man in a black suit walking down the hall in my house, and a woman in a white dress dancing in my lawn. Maybe I\'m crazy, but has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?

    EDIT: I don\'t know why I put this in the box... whoops.

  2. nope I haven\'t..

    we\'ll see maybe it\'s gonna come out that\'s where it belongs !!

  3. Ah yes... I believe they are called the shadow people. :D

  4. sounds like your mother might have eaten shrooms whislt she was pregnant with you.

    .... and im not \"jk\".
  5. Sounds like ghosts/spirits.
  6. i think it\'s ghosts. aren\'t shadow people different? i could be wrong i don\'t know much about them, but i thought they looked like a shadow and taunt u. mind u a ghost could do that too i spose. idk, but i think your seeing ghosts.
  7. cool new av mjb. make it yourself?

  8. Naw man, I commissioned someone to do it.
  9. The only time i have seen shadow people is when I haven\'t gotten enough sleep. And they did taunt me and make me think I was insane for a brief period of time.

    How much sleep are you getting?
  10. i dont ever see things... shadow people scared me.. and then i started to beat them with a coat-hanger.. tey left.. and havent seen them since.. you gotta pretend your looking one way.. then really slowley go towards them.. then when your close enough... POUNCE!!! and have a coat-hanger ready!!
  11. i use to be visit by one, long time ago.. he came for a week, i would look outthe window, and see a big dark shadow.he would knock on the wall (my brother saw him too, so no im not crazy).. last time he show up, was on a sunday morning.. he bang on the window hard, that woke me up.. i guess he was saying good buy...
  12. I work the third shift ( 11:00pm to 7:00am ) at a retirement home. ( Not a nursing home ) But a lot of people have passed away there. And me and the guy that works with me are all the time seeing stuff happen. We\'ll have the elevators go up and down all by themselves, the mailroom light will come on with no body in the room. We have doors open ( but never shut ) by themselves. And sometimes I\'ll see ( or think I see ) someones reflection in the glass doors in the lobby, but when I turn around, won\'t nobody be there. I have worked the third shift for quite a few years there, and have had about seven different people work with me. Quite a few have started to deliver papers, only to stop halfway through, and quit. Not just delivering the papers, but quit the job. It\'s a real nice building, but at nights it can be pretty creepy.
    Sometimes when I have to deliver papers, as soon as I walk off the elevator, I\'ll sometimes see what looks like someone standing in one of hallway wings. But when I turn to look down there, I wont see anything. It\'s always on the same floor. ( 12th )
  13. I\'ve woken up to like... 3 or 4 four people at the foot of my bed. As i recall some were people i knew. But anyway i had a conversation with them and they disappeared. This was when i was younger, like... 10-12. But since i had JUST woken up, im inclined to believe i was just half asleep and my mind was still between dreams and reality.

    I\'ve had experiences where i could feel entities surrounding me. One in particular were two spirits i felt coming towards me in my room. And me being religious prayed to God to get them away since i could feel they were everything but good. They eventually backed off. But like most things similar i dont rule out the chance of it all being in my mind, a pat of my imgination.
  14. f*ck, later tonight when I\'m trying to sleep in this creepy ass house of mine, I\'m gonna wish I didn\'t read this thread :D

  15. agreed, i keep looking behind me now, im convinced theres somebody there :S
  16. although i haven\'t experienced that kind of a sighting, my better half claims to have this happen several times a week, especially while tired and stoned. there is no paticular description, but the word \'demons\' comes up while describing this to me.
  17. Man I seen one of these \"shadow people\", a few weeks ago, my dog woke me up(it is a pup) so I got up and started to walk down the hall while my dog still follows, while I was in the hall my dog started to freakout and it ran into my room, so I was left there thinking that is weird, when then I saw a black outline of a man with red eyes in the corner of my eye, and then when I turned around it was gone, Man now I am paranoid!!!! I need a and love from serene to all of the blades.
  18. Maybe its just because i am stoned but.

    when i was younger, maybe 8-12 i cant remember, i used to wake up in the middle of the night and i could swear there was something \'there.\'

    like, i guess \"shadow people\" or w/e but it was so freaky, and they really were like taunting me, and i dunno its hard to explain but i just remember these weird like visiions and i dont know if they were just \'faces\' or full bodies or what but they freaked me out enough to like get up and start walking around my house and shit.

    anyway, i am stoned so maybe its all just in my head.
  19. Man I believe you , when stone I have stml, but I always can remember my life in long-term veiw, just not where I put my lighter..............FUCK. well Peace to all of you wonderful blades.

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