Periodic flushing to clean out salt buildup

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by kushman, May 21, 2006.

  1. I overfertilized my plants so I did a periodic flushing using a leaching solution and from what I understand you have to flush the shit outta the rockwool cubes.... so I did just that and now I am getting some drooping suggesting overwatering..... Is that normal?
  2. it is very hard to overwater a plant if you are using rockwool in a hydroponic system because rockwool drains so well. The damage was probably done when you added too much nutes.
  3. probably just a little shock. give it time.
  4. Oh
    So now you think its over-fert?
  5. unless you squeeze the water out of the rockwool you can make your plants droop

    with ap lant in there and roots you cant squeeze it so put a fan on the rockwool area to help it dry out slightly but not completely

    yes after flushing drooping is completely normal its a sort of a shock from the flush and lack of o2 not getting a breather pretty much

    you say your plants was overferted? or think they was?

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