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Period of veg determines amount of buds produced???

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HillbillyHoax, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Hey guys and gals! I know the longer you veg the greater your total product return will be. The question is will you get double the yield at 4 weeks of veg versus 2 weeks? Or can it be quantified as such? Is there a point of diminishing returns? Thanks for taking time to pander to a pondering mind.

  2. Well first no there is no mathematical equation that can total your yield

    More veg is more pot. And you can't over veg it's all relative to the size of your growing environment

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  3. That's pretty much what I figured. I just wasn't sure if there was a tipping point of no longer getting the amount of return to justify the additional veg time. I appreciate the response.

  4. All depends on your lighting. .A light will only penetrate so far down.

    You can have one large plant or many small plants with no veg time and have the same yields.

    Also depends on training methods, container size, etc. Way too many variables. But yes, a longer veg time results in a bigger plant which results in more bud.

    Indoors, I've never vegged for more than 10 weeks. Probably average a 4-6 week veg time.
  5. Your "diminishing returns" will be a function of your grow space more than anything, as others have pointed out. If the plant out-grows the light or the root volume you give it then it doesn't have the resources to continue growing well.
  6. HOLD ON!

    Not quite that simple.

    Longer times in veg CAN enable you to produce more bud but there are many factors determining your production levels. If you are not doing any type of topping, trimming, or training, it may not make much of a difference at all.

    Light is a huge issue. The more light you can get to the more branches the more bud you will produce.

    Adequate ventilation, proper temps, and providing the nutes the plant needs are also very important.
  7. I had to veg plants for 3 months due to delays in construction of grow space.l. Question is... Should I prune plants back down to manageable size then switch to 12/12? Or just keep on and scrog them and hope they don't reach top of cabinet?
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    As long as they are in veg and have enough leaves to sustain them, from what I have seen around here, you can trim them back as far as you need to(with in reason). There are folks around here who know what's up, I'm just a dip shit with a dream and a little veggie garden. Just be smart about it and I'm sure all will be fine. If you don't have room for the plants to at least double I would trim. Good luck. Post up some before and afters here if you want. This thread needs some action besides my silly questions.

  9. Not a lot of advice can be offered without knowing the situation? LST or tying them down might be a great option as well:) Kinda depends... lol
  10. a long veg time will allow the girls to get tall enough so u can really bend tops over to let the low branches poke thru and marry up with them. after 7-8 wks in veg , mine are 19" -24" tall from the soil in 5 gal pots

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