Period - biggest cocklblawk

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  1. post your salty stories
  2. redwings....thats all i have to say.
  3. I don't play when aunti flo is in town... in fact, I try to avoid having stories bout this at all.
  4. disgusting

  5. I only got the redsticks (fingers)

    ...never again
  6. Tell me about it.Me and this chick(8 or 9 easily) got to foolin around at a buddies house.She had said earlier in the day shes was on her period,but it had slipped my mind I guess.She made sure to remind me and all I got was a bj.I see her every now and then,but shes into this other dude now and wants to date him.I can tell she still digs me but shes got her sights set on the other guy now.But yeah,fuckin sucks.
  7. ok so she was on her period,but she said it wasnt bad at all. It was bout over. So i was like its not bad and preceeded to fuck...few minutes later we switch things up and when i looked down OMG it looked like i just stabbed someone to death with my penar. Jumped out of bed and booked it to the shower like was a kenyan track runner.

  8. I got worse...try fingering her from behind while shes over your lap. The blood was so dark I thought she shit...that was a good an awkward question. "uhh did you..?"

    That's just blood I don't mess with anymore..
  9. Eatin' a girl out not knowin' she has her period? Yea, I know
  10. I've had sex with girls on their period and it really doesnt bother me. If you're disgusted by the blood, wear a condom, as simple as that.

    oh and
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  11. You're fuckin' around wit 9 year oldz? You're a fuckin' scumbag
  12. I don't understand the big deal of having sex with someone when their period really isn't flowing freely.

    Like, it's just a little fluids . :D
  13. HAHAHAHA. i was thinking the same thing... i knew somebody was gonna throw up the Pedo-bear. pretty sure that poster was talkin like.. on the richter scale... of.. hot-nesS?
  14. No he meant 8 or 9:p
  15. Years of age? :eek:
  16. I wouldn't doubt it
  17. Nah,8 or 9 in hotness,haha
  18. i thought he was saying it happened with 8 or 9 girls lol?
  19. Hahaha. So this happened the other day, i knew my girlfriend was on her period, so i didnt plan on doing anything with her that night really. But i ended up having some friends over and we were all drinking mixers playing card games and shit.

    And yeah your damn right we ended up fucking after all. i remember i was even thinking, oh this isnt bad at all cause i looked at my dick during the middle of the 'action' and it looked good. Then when i went into the bathroom i saw the big ass, stripe of blood on the right side of my dick. it was fucking thick as jam, and just overall nasty. Ugh i get the chills thinking about it lol
  20. I don't mind it at all to tell you the truth, I got my red wings my first year of high school and ever since I've always just been up to it.. Just getting your mouth down there is gross, the smell can be rather gnarly.

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