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  1. A friend of mine was given a "PerfectVaporizer" device. The instructions on the bottom are VERY sketchy, to say the least. We were trying to decide if it should have water in it, but that seems quite unlikely, so we put two pinches of ground product into the metal thingie on the top, screwed on the glass jar, plugged it in and turned it on. After about 10 minutes or so it looked like the jar was a bit cloudy, so we took a hit. Though we tasted the product, it didn't seem as if we were getting very much from it. After a bit I realized that I had actually gotten a definite little buzz.
    I'm unable to find any reference to this device - the website on the thing itself is "," but that site apparently no longer exists.
    Are we doing this right? We are definite newbies to anything like vaping!

  2. Is this it
  3. Fortunately, NO. Looks nothing like this. I will try to get back over to get a pic of it, probably tomorrow.
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    If my perspective can be of any use here then my 1st suggestion would be to analyze the case(s) using simple globalizing criterias, ideally based on general/common features. For example i've come to define the "venerable" Volcano as some glorified "Hot Dry Air Ovenizer", in order to highlight the fact this scenario actually lacks "Inlet Water" while my custom-made vaporist pipe generates H2O and CO2 super-hot gases via the clean-burning of butane, which in turn possibly promotes a boost of my "Release/Transport Agent" in terms of energy-carrying capability; with a strong predominance of the "Convective" and "Radiative" modes... Truth is i wish i had realized how much i need this much sooner. Unfortunately notions as a "Release/Transport Agent" don't enjoy popularity when thermostatic "solutions" are everywhere, including in pocket format! To me it's a deal best serving manufacturers while its associated "prefered" consumption method appears to work best with 60 % RH "Dry Flowers". I suppose water can prove useful in ovenization contexts but in my personal situation it seriously defeats efforts to perform what i call "Micro-Bursting", based on "The Shortest Path of Least Transformation": my bowl is best if crispy-dry, e.g. when solidifying trichome size is small compared to surrounding shreaded vegetal tissue. So if there were excessive moisture present it would be pointless trying to target the contact-surface only, to avoid/delay any form of ovenization if i can help it. Water would act as a shield.

    In the Volcano you want "thermalization", which implies that heat is spread evenly through the whole bowl, hence the "oven"... But it turns out that energy doesn't get absorbed instantly nor does it transfer through matter instantly neither and that's what i'm exploiting exactly: by heat-shaving the surface in a brief "pulse" - which works wonders on a good day.

    In retrospective it's how i can best describe what differentiates the vast majority of electric devices and my own DiY tool; both consumption methods have their own sets of pros and cons but to me it's not inter-changeable, yet to others with pink lungs, m'well perhaps...

    In any case health-wise and aroma/taste appreciation-wise potential of a universal heat-transfer limitation in matter happens to be most under-estimated in a world with no words to even designate it, i believe.

    Good day, have fun!! :D

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