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  1. why the perfect man/woman cant exesit

    if the human body was at 100% efficenty there organes would detereate very rapidly

    if the brain was working at even 50 % of its full potental it would not want to exsist in this world as the imperfection of this world would drive him/her mad
    meny people would not want him to live and he would be killed as he would work out witch religon if any was the correct one think of the wars it would cause

    the world cant support the perfect human and if one was created thay would enevitably self destruct

    this is just sumthing i thort of and i thort id shair it with you lot o well time to light up agen

  2. I have to say i agree w/you
  3. no, the reason a perfect person cant exist is because noone even knows what a 'perfect person' is.
  4. perfection does not exist for is a dream platu...

    one only to be quested for and never to be found

    it is our nature to fuck things up!

  5. WOW!

    i think i'm starting to understand why i'm being driven into insanity.

    maybe i better hide before i start a religious war.
  6. ROTFLMAO digit!!! lololol...


    ok i'm done now :D
  7. anyone want to know what the right religion is?
  8. Bob fish I agree... ever read stuff from Kurt Vonnegut? there's some funny stuff.
    For example
    Human race hates life, evidence: A handgun, humans as we exist at the moment are supposed to be the following of millions and millions years of evolution and they've created this thing that is as easy to use as a zippo lighter and has only one function: to kill somebody.

    But about the perfect human, yes it would refuse to live in the world as it is at the moment but let's hope that the whole human/animal race community evolves in to the next level quickly. Wonder what it will be like after the next million years if the planet is still live and kicking 'cos to that point at least some animals have evolved in to somekind of communication with humans.....imagine: The fish nation, we welcome your embassador T10 the whale. and hopefully people have elvoved enough so that they won't reject and hate everything different at that point.
    ...---No prizes will be awarded to those who guess whom it is that i'm talking about---...
  10. Perfection is the carrot on a string in front of us. If we reach for it we get closer, but it always remains just out of reach. The closest we can get to actually grasping perfection is to realize that we don't merely follow the carrot, but we have the ability to define in our own reality what a carrot is.

  11. well put toosicks.

    i think i sat down for a while to think about it, not realising that the carrot had taken root, grown whilst out of mind and out of sight, then when i stood up again, the string snapped and i was left with a carrot rooted in the ground... my carrot is now a psychadelic purple sphere.


    heehee... just wanted to continue the brilliance, but ended up just being a nut job lol.

    fuckit... i just decided to lay on my back and let my definition of perfection reach me, only to discover tht my definition of perfection wasnt far enough.

    ... hmm... damn you and your carrot toosicks. ;) :p u got me thinkin! :D ... and u know i love thinking :)
  12. everyone has a different definition of perfection.

    for me, i define perfection as being Digit.
  13. everyone has a different oppinion on what the perfect human is like. just like everyone has a different oppinion on what normal is. so no one can be perfect till everyone in the world agrees on what perfect is and even then people will have to compromise so there for no one will be happy with that perfect. so there really is no true perfect human or perfect anything.
  14. that is true... u have a good point
  15. ive found the perfect human being... ME!

    I love everything that I like, I hate all the same things as me. My opinions always match my own exactly, and im always hungry for the exact same food as myself.

    the perfect person for most would be someone exactly like them, only the opposite sex..... and hot ;)

    but i dont believe there could ever be someone that was perfect, to an individual or the world as a hole. something would have to go wrong. an ingrown hair, a zit, an annoying accent, something would be incorrect. wouldnt match with the rest.
  16. u sound like my mate Iain B.

    "the perfect person for most would be someone exactly like them, only the opposite sex..... and hot"

    sounds good. sounds almost like what i have. :D
    but those things you listed.... such silly little things... bear no real bearing on perfection in my opinion.
  17. The perfect human would, at the instant of becoming perfect, no longer be human. It would probably be a being of pure energy beyond all concerns, perceptions of humans.

  18. Subliming.

    It's a concept I can't quite get my head around (i guess that's the point). Aware, concious, yet not.... there in a physical sense.

    Oh well. At least us mortals have hallucinagens. A little glimpse of perfection, a world with no walls, a world with no physics, a world with no dimensional structure even.

    Now that's where I want to live.

    I want to glance at the universe from OUTSIDE just once and I will be happy.
  19. Hold on a moment, I just got a fuckin mental newsflash beyond all proportions after thinking about this post.

    Here's the deal. Ok, All gather round closely, because I'm only going to say this once and I'm not going to raise my voice. Oh.... before we begin, does anyone need to use the bathroom?


    More pause.

    Finished.... good. Did you wash your hands? Good, then I'll say what I came here to say.


    Oooppss, I said I wasn't going to shout. May I apologise ....?

    Anyways, the basic underlying principle of my thesis is that everyone who owns a flesh suit made of human and wears it on a daily basis gets my vote for the 'trippiest dude or dudette' of the planet. I love you guys, I really do. I know we haven't known each other for very long, but I feel that we've developed a special bond. We can talk to each other without feeling 'funny' or embaressed.... and that's a very special thing between two people (or indeed 8,414 poeple - and rising).

    So, the moral to this tale (if there really is one) is this: I think everyone is fucking brilliant which may explain why I have sex so often with so many multiple partners in so many positions and locales. (and by locales I don't mean holes).


    President Elect: George Bush (Jnr).

    PS> Today I have been mostly chomping on Billy Wiz. Does it show?

    PPS> For a printed copy of my Thesis: 'Gods, do we walk among them?' send a self addressed, sealed down envelope or postcard to -

    Jesus Christ
    Church of the Holy Nativity,
    Behind the Police Baricades, to the left of the bullet ridden wall,
    Sol System
    Milky way
    The Universe

    Please note that all entries marked 'void' will be returned to hell from wence they spawned.

  20. impossible to be perfect at everything, like opposites at once...nope

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