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Perfection in rolling. Guides.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by M369, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. I do, i'm European. The rolls in this thread do have wayyy too much tobacco in them. My ratio is normally the other way around. I think it's just as easy to roll with no tobacco to be honest?
  2. fuck a spliff btw
    most friends i try to teach
    get frustrated when they dont see it working
    or a lil bit falls out they panic

    fuck a pipe u gotta learn how to roll sometime
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  4. Cool guide, thanks
  5. Zig-zigs are my favorite

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  6. Why can't I see the pictures?
  7. reported Andy701420 ^^
  8. For tobacco I recommend a pack of Sherman Naturals (Brown box). Manufacturer says they do not contain any of the chemicals of most tobaccos but they cost more. Split them open for the tobacco.
  9. The twisted ends just keep any weed near the end from falling out especially if the joint is kept in one's pocket. Another tip is if you just smoke half a joint, when it is half smoked get a small gob of saliva on your finger and dab the burnt end. That will extinguish the joint but, more importantly, when the saliva drys it helps to slightly solidify the weed at the burnt end so it doesn't fall out so easily.
  10. By using the dollar bill method (old school and not shown here) you can easily roll them very tightly. You need to be careful you don't roll them so tight they will not smoke.

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