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Perfection in rolling. Guides.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by M369, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. I know nobody reads this, but the absolute easiest way to make a joint taste horrible i found, is the material you use for the crutch! The raw filter tips are the best! And try to stay away from anything with ink. I shit you not, it makes a huge difference. The material the crutch is made of can make or break the taste of the jay imo

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  2. eyo somebody get rid of da feds!
  3. Don't judge me is the roach made? I'm confused

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  4. Roll an index card or something g similar into a spiral or a circle with an "m" in the middle.

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  5. Rolled this lastnight!

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  6. Rolling king of Fresno here! I roll joints that burn like blunts. First step is grind your weed to the perfect consestancy depends on grinder / bud quality. Okay if you have mids don't roll a tight joint it won't burn right trust me make it a little lose, now If you have that dank you wanna pack that shit okay you want it as tight as possible it will still burn and breath fine it it's dank! Now get a pokemon card there perfect and evenly distribute the weed get that card and use it to roll for you don't be scared either keep making it tight And perfect. Then always lick the filter side first always! Because you wanna be able to make the joint tightest in the middle not the smoking side . If you do all this and do it good I promise you will always have a perfect joint!
  7. You'll get this if you roll right <3

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  8. Anyone smell bacon?

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  10. Blunt from earlier today

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  11. What about the no filter :(
    I hate those little tips mostly because I never have em
  12. I'll use these methods next time I decide I wanna roll one up. My god I hate swishers.

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  13. I use this to roll my joints

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  14. simple tip, if you want a perfect roll , put roach in the paper before rolling. Most of the guys put roach after rolling it. Well if you put it before , it becomes very easy to roll. n yeah ,practice makes man perfect. Try making joints atleast 20 or more to get the perfection ...
  15. Use a weedspoon to add subtract and make even.
  16. Rolling a joint has to be the easiest and simplest way. I can roll a four paper trumpet. I noticed a lot of the pictures are using long Rollin papers is this in USA only as I'm in Australia

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  17. To tuck just use a credit card with one hand pushing the paper under the weed then with the other hand roll upwards. It's easy.

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  19. Thanks, in advance, for any info.
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  20. I've been trying to learn to roll for almost 6 months now. I fuck up the folding every time and I just can't get it, and none of the people I smoke with can teach me. help

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