Perfect World International Players?

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  1. Hey blades :wave: I usually play FPS games but a friend of mine told me to try an mmorpg called Perfect World. He says it was kind of like WoW and honestly I dont like WoW. Im not hating on WoW, but I never played it, paying every month seems kind of lame for me, and I am not much of a mmorpg player. Anyways I am a fan of MMOs now cause of Perfect World. Its a free game and so far its amazing. Could be cause I was just introduced to 3d MMOs, but I was wondering if anyone heard of this game or play it?
  2. that is so weird dude, just heard of this game today and was looking into it earlier; a few friends of mine were apparently playing it and said it was fun.

    downloading later on tonight when i get home!
  3. No offence, but its probably because you just got into 3D mmo's.
    Theres tons of better ones out there that are F2P ( DDO, LOTRO for example )
  4. @ salvucci91: Its a sign!

    @ Dawnofwar: do you know of any other mmo that is like Perfect World? Never heard of the two you mentioned, ill check it out
  5. There's 10s to 100s of 3d MMO's similar to WoW and PWi. I'd suggest playing WoW if you're new to the genre just due to the massive amount of data available for the game, though other games such of Conan the Barbarian, and Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, are just as badass of games as WoW, each one plays a little different and has its own unique feel. Just do a little reading on a few of their "wiki" sites to see the classes and find out about how they play and you should be able to make a choice a little better. I would say don't be fooled by most of the "free MMOs", as like PWI, they are indeed free, but to get the top rated gear, and all the spells and abilities you would like your character to have, you're going to have to directly spend in game money to buy. Whereas the "pay" MMOs, you pay 10-15 a month to play, but you can cancel the subscription and play for 1-2 months at a time, and start it back up when you want on again.
  6. I am a regular player on PWI. I love this game. The character customization is great. I tried a 10-day trial of WoW. I just wasnt impressed. But PWI is free and honestly the graphics look better to me.
  7. I looked into PWi's other games and they share a few similar function. Right now I am trying Jade Dynasty and I gotta say its better than PWi imo. Theres even an ingame bot system o.o
  8. Hmm Ive always wanted to check out Jade Dynasty.... maybe I shall. :)
  9. This game has really died out since the creation of this thread. It used to be wonderful but now all that counts is how much money you put into the game

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