perfect toking device for dorm rooms

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  1. Alright everybody. If you are in college and like blazing in your dorm room without reeking up the entire hallway u need to use a lightbulb vaporizer. Just take a small lightbulb and some scissors. Break open the top of it and push all the wires and crap down into the bulb. Next pour some salt in and mix it around to get all the white shit off the side. Now dump everything out and u have a clear lightbulb with a hole where the fixture should be. Now just put a little weed in and take a lighter to the outside of the bulb and cook the weed with ur thumb over the hole keep the vapors that will start coming off the weed into the bulb. When enough vapors build up, shake the bulb and take a hit. When you're ready to blow out, blow into a towel and then spray some febreze to eliminate any small weed odors that escape. Then take another towel and wipe the black crap off the outside of the bulb to keep it clear. Just put a towel under the door. It makes little to no odor and gets u high as fuck :smoking:
  2. This is nothing new to anyone.
  3. i wuldnt use the lightbulb makes u look like a crank head
  4. What about for people who have never heard of it? :rolleyes:
  5. Or just buy a real vape? Anyways this info is common knowledge now.:D

  6. Obviously just exaggeration to show the point that people would know about this if they take time to research.
  7. Oh yeah because anyone who wants to conceal the smell would automatically think "oh I know, I'll make a lightbulb vaporizer". What if they've never even heard of a vaporizer? Exaggeration or not that comment was unneccesary and added nothing but negativity to the conversation...
  8. What he is implying is that on a website like this that kind of knowledge is commonplace and if you looked you could find many topics about lightbulbs.
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    Obviously Carvershores is a noob and dosnt get the point. Anyone that visits these forums frequently or is some what of an educated smoker would already know of this. Its called use the search feature and OP would have seen this is not something new. I just searched "light bulb" and wow wouldnt you know it 5 pages of light bulbs. So before you try saying my post was unneccesary and added nothing why dont you say the whole thread is unneccesary and added nothing that hasn't already been said.


    Edit- Wow Carver thanks for the Neg rep that means absolutely nothing coming from you. Thanks again your awesome.
  10. just to let you know if you dont know how to use one of these dont.. you can inhale some shit and kill yourself.

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