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Perfect timing

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MadeInJapan, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. Who else waits for the perfect time to smoke..even tho I can smoke right now.. I like waitin just to tease myself.. Me n mary jane got our own games lol.. Anybody else do that too?
  2. If I know I'll have time to play games like that then yes I sometimes will haha
  3. Ive waited long enough now.. Its time to blastoff!

  4. 25 minutes isn't really long.

  5. without weed it is
  6. about 4-5 more hours before i can :s
  7. I'm currently on break from college living at home. I don't have a job so all day I just go the gym, play Xbox, try to fill my day up somehow. I can smoke whenever I want but to avoid being high around my parents (not that they know) I just smoke at night. Look forward to it all day and that first hit out of whatever is so enjoyable.
  8. this.

    That and in the mornings when everyones at work/school and I have the house alone to myself :D
  9. [quote name='"Baysick"']

    without weed it is[/quote]

    Lol only if u have a problem
  10. I always wait until the time feels right even if I could just blaze straight away. It just makes for a better high. There's no rush.
  11. To me it felt like hours!
  12. I bet.. Sometimes I like waitin cuz that first hit is beautiful
  13. I guess I have a problem.. Hi my name is Tasha n I am a pothead :)
  14. Yesss! I thought I was the only one
  15. did i just read 4 posts in a row from one person or am i just really high?
  16. And?.. Im just postin..aint that what u suppose to do in here?
  17. In a way I do, I like to set everything up before I go toke. Like if I'm eating I'll get the food ready or if I plan on gaming I'll set up the game, etc.

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