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  1. Hello,
    I am looking for a strain that the high will last quite a while, give me a decent amount of energy(no couchlock), give me the good body high of indica, and the thoughts of sativa. Also I don't want the munchies(pure sativas dont give me them). So basically I want an active, high with the dreamy euphoric feelings.

    PS I have access to dispensaries.
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    Kali Mist.

    Green Crack.
  3. Chocolope...ak47...strawberry poison...headband...sour d...all are sativa dominant!

    All provide me with both indica and sativa effects. Give em a go!
  4. Great suggestions. Im going for the kali mist right now. Only funny thing is AK47 is not energetic for me at all. Any more?
  5. 50/50


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